Ted Cruz's weird defense of Tucker Carlson has Twitter in stitches

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I wonder if we’re approaching a “have you no shame” moment with these idiots. Not because they are capable of feeling shame, they obviously aren’t. But, as when the red scare began leading to accusations that the military was harboring communists, perhaps there will finally be push-back for being obviously bat-shit insane about looking for someone, anyone!, to attack for political gain.


What did the military actually do to “attack” Carlson?

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I think he’s referring to Carlson/Cruz attacking anyone who is politically convenient.

I, for one am terribly happy about this situation, Dr Seuss, Mr Potatohead and all the other nonsense they are using to whip up their base. It carries zero political weight and makes them look more and more like fools to centrists as they futilely try to harness trump’s waning energy.


Hell, we may even see an end to the filibuster! Keep crying about WAP, please!!!

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Brainfart, I meant Carlson. Fixed in original.

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Hey Ted, honest question, “how much does a professional ass-kisser make”?


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They’re just bitter that the March inauguration came and went without a military coup. I mean, really, if you can’t rely on the military to overthrow the government when called upon to do so, what are they good for?


Honestly, I think a better tactic for the military would be to simply turn off all the TV’s tuned to foxnews that plague military bases and installations.


I just don’t like either of them… also bow ties…


Carlson said some inflammatory things about women in the military recently (e.g., that women shouldn’t be in the military); a fair number of people in the military pushed back against it.

That’s it, and that’s why Cruz’s response looks so terrible.


Dear Tuck and Ted,

Since you claim the US military is becoming too effeminate, please, pray tell, what made the military more masculine when you served?

Wait, you didn’t serve?

It would appear that fine pregnant woman in the flight suit designed to fit her is more of a man than both of you together will ever be.


(I don’t buy into the toxic masculinity those two are peddling, just pointing out that, by their own standards, both of them together couldn’t make one man.)


I’d be scared if I was a misogynist too.


This is why Cruz won’t become the political leader of America’s mainstream right-wing movement. Those more adept and dangerous, like Hawley, understand that the fascist dynamic is for the captive press to abase itself to the politician’s whims and not vice-versa.


They insulted him for his offensive, misogynist, and bizarrely homoerotic comments on women in the military. He criticized the entire concept of women being in uniform, and then went on at length about how awesome the Chinese military is in their new uniforms - how buff they are and how respected they are because they don’t allow women. That’s really Tucker’s take.


I’ve said it elsewhere, but I would pay so much money to watch Ted Cruz sit across from the Commandant of the Marine Corps and try to stink-eye him into apologizing. Ted Cruz trying to be intimidating is comedy gold.


you are not looking at the same photo.

Yes, this is the most important part of this story.


Yet another “fact” that Tucker pulled out of his flabby ass. I suppose it’s Republican gospel now.



So random members of the military tweeted that they think Carlson is a dumbass? And Cruz presumably wants them punished for it? Because being a member of the military means that it is “inappropriate” for you to criticize the media in personal communications?

Cruz’s letter made it seem like some official communication from the media had attacked Carlson rather than just grumbling from the ranks.

The last week has witnessed the Pentagon mobilize systematic, public attacks against television host Tucker Carlson that in substance, tone and political resonance are inexplicably inappropriate.

I feel like - I hope - Republicans may have moved into counter-productive territory by dragging the military into their “anti-woke” culture war. I don’t see how they make this work for them.

Not that anyone would ask that question, now that the answer has become so blindingly obvious, but it does feel like they’ve gone too far, in a similar way. On the other hand, because they’ve already behaved with such an unprecedented shamelessness that no one can even question their ability to feel shame, and Republican voters have gone along for the ride for the most part, I wonder if it will actually mean anything to those voters. We just had four years of the FBI and CIA being called radical leftists by the president, after all.