Tesla car captures the gentlemen vandalizing it

One thing that the white knighters, MAGATs and other scum keep forgetting is that Tesla makes it hard to hit things. There are alarms if it looks like you are dangerously close. The car will even take control of itself to stop you from crashing. And if there hadbern a matching dent in the vehicle i bet the news outlet would have mentioned it.

So odds are it was just a pair of MAGATs being MAGATs. And the trolls here jumped on to come up with some reason to defend them.


Very much this.


The video recorded on the Tesla camera always has a yellow-ish hue. Additionally the video looks like someone is using their phone to record their PC monitor.

Lol, fake inspection way higher than the Tesla could hit, (on the passenger side too?) in order to get into stealth keying position.

Try again.

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They’re generally cheaper

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