Texas AG Ken Paxton suggests arming teachers

In this situation, wouldn’t a gunman shoot the only adult in the room first, whether the adult is armed or not. You’d want to take out the biggest obstacle first.

Also, the shooter has a huge advantage in that he knows that a shooting is going to happen, while everyone else just assumes it’s going to be a normal day. Idiots like Paxton act like teachers are going to be quick-draw experts. I know that the point is that the teacher and students on the initial classroom will be severely injured, but a teacher in adjacent classroom will hear the noise and come in, guns blazing.


Being able to shoot at another person with a hand gun and actually hit them (as opposed to random bystanders or possibly expensive or important inanimate stuff in the vicinity) in a high-stress situation requires mental preparation as well as lots and lots of ongoing training. Military and law enforcement personnel whose actual job is to do that sort of thing spend huge amounts of time practising for it.

It is naive to assume that school teachers could achieve and maintain the appropriate proficiency while at the same time doing what school teachers are supposed to do, namely teach school children, which happens to be a very time-consuming occupation. Since we’re talking about Texas, there are probably school teachers in Texas who are also serious gun nuts but even they probably aren’t up to taking out a school shooter without hitting a few kids in the process, simply because there’s a huge difference between making holes in cardboard targets at the shooting range and shooting at actual living, moving people in a chaotic environment (remember that if you’re a school shooter, everything around you that moves is a viable target, but if you’re the hypothetical armed teacher there is only one person whom you are allowed to shoot). There is the additional problem that when the SWAT team arrives, you don’t want to be the first person with a gun they are seeing.

Here in Germany we have very occasional school shootings but we have fewer of them in ten years than the US has in ten weeks. The main reason for this is that it is a lot more difficult for prospective school shooters to obtain guns. Until the US somehow fixes that, which is probably almost impossible, these mass shootings will keep happening.


You’re absolutely correct. Grownup dies first (most threat to the baddie).

This is, beyond the insane people with guns doing bad actions thing, a human factors problem. Sure, ideally in happy-gun-land everyone’s “ready”, but they’re not. They’ve never experienced it in their (sadly, and maybe at that point, short) lives but an aggressor has it planned out. 99% won’t even recognize what’s happening until it’s over.

More guns is not the answer, though I guess it’s “too soon” to discuss that. We should have seen this coming, but supposedly “Red Flag” laws are bad as they disarm our freedumb fighters.


And they still kill innocent people all the time.


Arming teachers provides a way to shift responsibility for failing to do enough to avert mass shooting casualties onto the teacher instead of, y’know, Republicans.


Dead born kid don’t matter much to republicans, only clumps of cells get their attention. The born kids are a potential threat to republicans because they might be taught to think for themselves, they might have their own opinions about right and wrong. God forbid the born kids could turn out to know right from wrong. Thinning the herd of thinkers only makes sense if your entire existence depends on mindless clones following your soulless lead.


Republicans: Teachers are America-hating elitist child-groomers who are indoctrinating our kids to embrace communism and hate white people!

Also Republicans: Teachers should be more heavily armed.


Yep, like teachers don’t have enough to defend themselves from already.

P.S. Happy cake day.


How’s this for a coincidence:
Conference of Loons in Houston
…Just 72 hours after at least 18 children and a teacher were shot to death at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, a number of Republican lawmakers are set to address a National Rifle Association meeting in Houston, including former President Donald Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott.
The NRA meeting, hosted by the group’s Institute for Legislative Action – its self-described “lobbying” arm – is scheduled to begin Friday. It is open only to NRA members and runs through the weekend.
…Additional scheduled speakers include Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem. No Democrats will be addressing the meeting.
We can expect the usual litany of platitudes & excuses from these people for this massacre… if they even bother to mention it at all.

There will still be shootings, though, so this is no solution, merely brain drippings from a criminal.

That’s too good for him. Put him in a cage hanging from a gibbet.

It makes sense if the State is a fascist theocratic kleptocracy.

Or another teacher.

True, that. It’s all about their [and no one else’s] feelings.

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And he will introduce that legislation as soon he can stop masturbating to pictures of the dead children.


I’ve been hearing about his problems for years, when is something going to happen already.


Republican solution: Only white cishet Christian conservative teachers allowed.


“Only white cishet male armed Christian conservative teachers allowed.”

Don’t want no women turning the boys gay now do we.


Given that the shooter in this case managed to tag two cops before he was taken down – including one from a heavily armed CBP SWAT team – I’m sure that issuing Miss Frizzle a Glock and telling her to do her best will work out well.


Coincidentally, I was reading the Wikipedia article on the history of school shootings in the US yesterday. A lot of them were: 1) student shoots teacher, 2) teacher shoots student and 3) teacher punishes student, parent comes into school and shoots teacher.


I’d like to remind everyone that the only reason Ken Paxton works so hard to get re-elected is because he knows if he’s ever not the Attorney General, he’s very likely to be immediately arrested and imprisoned.


911 Dispatcher: 911 What is your emergency.

Caller: We have an active shooter at the NRA convention in Texas.

911 Dispatcher: Sir (or Ma’am) that is not an emergency. Surely there is a ‘good guy with a gun’ there who can make things right. If not, then I offer you my thoughts and prayers.


To be fair, that’s not really a reflection of their firearms skills since they are often aiming at said innocent people.


“Oh, look. America is killing again.” - rest of the world


This is the perfect event to coincide with all the Qpublican shitheads winning their primaries.

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