The Fall of Roe v Wade & the Insidious Fascist Plot to Make All Women into Mere Broodmares


This could be repeated ad infinitum.


The suit claims that the FDA lacked the authority to approve the drug, did not adequately study the medication and that the drug is unsafe

  1. Approving or disapproving drugs is a major function of and reason for existence of the FDA.
  2. citation required
  3. It has been in use for decades. Please show your work. Evidence of this “unsafe drug” seems to amount to “it terminates pregnancies!” which is kind of the idea.

I really cannot wait for these misgynistic asshats to crawl back into their slimy hidey-holes where they came from.

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They won’t retreat, they will have to be beaten back with flaming torches.


Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita told Fox News in July that he would look into whether Bernard violated child abuse notification or abortion reporting laws. Rokita has kept the investigation going even after a 27-year-old man was charged in Columbus, Ohio, with raping the girl, and public records show Bernard met Indiana’s required three-day reporting period for an abortion performed on a girl younger than 16.

This is straight up intimidation. “We know that this doctor followed every one of our stupid, byzantine rules for this stuff, but we are going to make her life hell to make sure other docs realize what will happen to them if they don’t toe our line.”


Attack on Abortion rights in the UK fails:

I’m sure the Gilead party were just itching to use this as a wedge and hammer away, with their aim being rolling back all access to abortion.


And ultimately, even if she’s right, her feelings don’t take priority over women’s lives and well-being. That’s something people seem to forget all too often. Abortion rights aren’t about a woman’s lifestyle, they are often life-or-death.