The Gallery of Just Plain Assholes (Part 2)

You can trust her medical pronouncements because she has a degree in English Literature.

Naomi - vaccine safety denialists are just a disinformation program of the Tri- Lateral Commission. They want to diminish America by allowing preventable deaths to open us up for immigration.

Don’t be fooled!


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Larry David is a 76-year-old-man who plays an intentionally disshevelled, despirited and embittered version of himself on TV. Even the title of the show is an implication that the characters and hijinks are of the low-energy variety.

Of all the TV shows one could criticize for having a "“what’s-the-point’ vibe” this is possibly the silliest.


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“Look, all I’m saying is that every vaccinated person I talk to gets this look of what’s-the-point-why-am-I-even-bothering, if not right away then within the first minute of conversation. How else do you explain that?”


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“It’s you, Naomi. You fatigue people with your mere presence, and that effect doubles when you open your mouth or scribble with your pen or tap at your keyboard. All creatures with visual or hearing range must make a constitution save against inanity - with disadvantage.”


I have mixed feelings about this story.

The dudes are awful people and what they did makes me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Hopefully, they get dishonorably discharged.

During a visit by the Blade to the 200 block of South Courthouse Road on Feb. 6, at least eight houses on the block had Pride flags either hanging on the sides of the houses or displayed on flag poles.

A resident of one of the houses told D.C.’s NBC 4 News that neighbors of Michelle Logan, 30, and her partner, Jenna Burnett, 27, the couple whose flags were stolen, decided to display their own Pride flags as a showing of solidarity for the two women after learning of the arrests of the two soldiers for the theft of the couple’s flags.

But the support from the women’s neighbors is simply wonderful! :unicorn:


They’ll probably have to spend time in military prison before being dishonorably discharged. The military hates looking bad.


Cross post in war thread.

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Islam has destroyed Muslim countries

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She knows that a Muslim is a follower of Islam, right? Asshole.

Also, that’s not what’s “ruining” their countries… that’s a couple hundred years of imperialism from the west, actually. So, she’s also a dumb ass…

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Gee, yeah, why IS the age issue hurting Biden so much more than Tromp?

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Gosh, could it be because corporate media like the NY Times keep shoving Biden’s age in our faces as a supposed problem, and never Tromp’s???

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(Fortune reprint)

“I don’t know if you saw this study the other day,” Frey told an audience of 1,000 at Minneapolis Downtown Council’s annual meeting on Wednesday. “What this study clearly showed … is that when people who have the ability to come downtown to an office don’t — when they stay home sitting on their couch, with their nasty cat blanket, diddling on their laptop — if they do that for a few months, you become a loser!”

The comment was a “complete joke” and the study was made-up, the Minneapolis Mayor’s office told Fortune, but there are serious facts to back up Frey’s worry about the impact of remote work on Minneapolis’ downtown economy.

Gee I wonder why they are that way

Gen Z prefers laptop diddling and nasty cat blankets to going out

Despite young people being drawn to Minneapolis’ community of young professionals and low unemployment rate, they’re still complaining about it being too expensive. Most young renters reported spending over 30% of their income on housing. It’s a trend that’s replicated across the country, leading Gen Z to be more careful about how they spend their money. That means less going out and more staying in.

Almost three in four Zoomers adjusted spending habits due to high prices, BofA’s 2023 Better Money Habits Survey reported, which included not eating out or buying new clothes. Nearly all of the survey’s participants wanting to curtail spending habits planned to do so for the entire year.

Gen Z’s money anxiety has created a culture of staying in and getting to bed early. Instead of going out to drink, they’ll imbibe or consume cannabis in the comfort of their homes — but their interest in booze lags behind older generations. In addition to citing personal finances for their homebody practices, Gen Z is also wary of the health and wellness concerns around drinking alcohol, and pandemic-induced social anxiety has stoked their introverted tendencies.

For young people who do want to go out, there’s fewer options available, as ”third places” such as bars, cafes, and parks have dwindled, creating fewer opportunities for connection and fanning the flames of Gen Z’s loneliness epidemic that keeps them feeling isolated and staying in.


I’d say most of Gen X does, too, but they’ve ignored us like usual.

[written while doodling on my laptop under a nasty not-cat-blanket.]


Most everyone does. Who wants to pay hours and dollars commuting?

It the commercial real estate industry he’s being controlled by. Convert those to downtown housing & the other businesses will do better than they were.


It’s mostly the same people who made bad investments developing downtown commercial property who are asking for a bailout who scream the loudest about student loan forgiveness as “coddling people who made bad decisions” about what college degree they chose.

And it’s not just hypocrisy; the corporate overlords need a workforce without independence or options. They need desperate peons who are exhausted and who don’t have time to look for something better or figure out how to work for themselves. WFH combined with freedom to get out from under crushing student loan debt is a direct threat to the wealthy and their corporate structures.