The Gallery of Just Plain Assholes (Part 2)

I watched it. It may not have been “both sides are equally bad” but it was definitely “both sides are bad”. It felt like “Trump is wacky and old, and Biden is old and borderline senile.” It wasn’t good.


I had planned on watching it, but right now, I’m going off the responses of people who’s views I trust and value. :woman_shrugging:

But if he’s foreground their age, and not pointing out that one is an actually, full-on fascist, then yeah, that’s a huge fucking problem. I don’t understand why that’s controversial here. We SHOULD be deeply concerned that Trump very well might get another term and will do real damage to anyone who isn’t in his movement.

FFS, I’m scared shitless about WTF is happening here, and I’m not enjoying being told by people who I thought were of similar views about the MAGA movement to just STFU?


His closing summation was they are both old as fuck, but one is a nice older gentleman with memory issues (or whatever bs that report said) and the other is a lying grifting rapist idiot dictator with memory issues (something like that), so that’s the choice.

Most of the “Biden old” jokes were from the perspective of how frustrating it is that the Dems aren’t doing a better job of countering it.

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Yeah fuck that noise.

We all need to be afraid of the worst.


That doesn’t mean that there isn’t problems with it… Again I have not watched, but going off some people’s reaction, I’m not optimistic…


And, ultimately, the document people are making a big deal about regarding Biden’s memory was written by a lawyer, not a medical professional, and never actually claims that Biden has a poor memory but rather that he presents himself that way. It never elaborates on why the author makes that judgement, so likely relates to how Biden speaks in a relaxed situation, which is very personal and folksy.

Overall, it’s a very strange emphasis in the Hur report itself, which mostly bases it’s determination of nonprosecution on the fact that most of the classified documents Biden retained were his own writings, which he wouldn’t even know were classified, and a few marked classified documents he used as references while writing his notes for memoirs and were no longer of national security relevance.


Ok, I hear this a lot. And every time I do, I ask, “Ok, what should they be doing, then?” Because they’ve done everything I can think of. The media just fucking ignores it and keeps repeating, “But Biden is old!” So I’m going to ask you now, what should they be doing? And don’t just say “more”. Be specific. What should they do?


Something something, perfection, enemy of good.


Not releasing cringe TikTok videos of him talking about cookies for a start

Superficial and not really relevant to the bigger picture, since that only happened just yesterday; what else?

How would you start to “fix” all these entrenched societal problems that have been ignored or exacerbated by unchecked capitalism over the last 50 years?


Oh, yeah. Sure. A TikTok video is why people think he’s too old. Did that help? Probably not. But I doubt it hurt, either. Hell, I didn’t even know about it until Stewart played it because it’s fucking TikTok. And young people aren’t going to watch it. They’re too busy watching more entertaining content. So really the only people who watched it were boomers and gen xers who just keep sharing it going, “OMG it’s so embarrassing.”


Which really makes it the same as virtually all political content on TikTok….


Well I would start by ending capitalism. I don’t see any party running on that platform :wink:

Can we not use humor to address how painful is is to watch the Dems fail at their messaging? And do you really think there are Daily Show viewers who are on the fence about Trump?

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Right now, I don’t find any of this shit funny; I really don’t want to have to flee my home as some kind of refugee because 1/3 of the country are shortsighted assholes…


It won’t go away so you know what? Maybe they shouldn’t bother doing anything to counter “Biden is sooo old” and the more recent nice, well-meaning old man with memory issues thing from Hur.
Maybe they should just lean into it hard.

Biden can start wearing cardigans instead of suits, call everyone “nice young people,” ask visitors to the White House to take off their shoes, say “well, young (x), they say if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all” then immediately move on whenever someone criticises him over something pointless or asks about Trump, hand out Werther’s Originals to reporters at press conferences when they ask a good question…
start referring to America as “our neighbourhood”…
… go full Mr Rodgers.

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How does propagating right-wing talking points help?


I completely understand and am terrified as well!

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There aren’t Daily Show viewers on the fence about Trump, but there damn sure are ones on the fence about Biden.


I’ve already done this once (as a Venezuelan), and i can’t recommend it. Maybe its an easier process and choice for some, but for me it was very difficult and i still have a hard time coping with some aspects of leaving a country and not having any realistic prospects of going back in my lifetime. If i had to leave the US and go elsewhere i really don’t know wtf i would do, especially when i think about my family.

I also don’t have it in me to start from scratch again in another country. I’m exhausted.


It’s a comedy news show. The “news” right now is GOP talking point bs non-issue “Biden old”, given new traction by that unnecessary comment in that report. So they did a bit on it, which I thought clearly made the point of SO WHAT, THE OTHER CHOICE WANTS TO DESTROY DEMOCRACY (and is just as old).