The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes


U.S. alt-right leader Richard Spencer had been invited to attend but was told by Polish authorities to stay away.




And ye shall know them by their stench…


Bannon Goes Darker

"Steve Bannon is setting up a new 501©(4) — aka a “tax-exempt social welfare organization” — to promote his agenda, and, he argues, the president’s.

Such groups don’t have to disclose their donors so long as — according to the IRS code — they can “be operated exclusively to promote social welfare” and so long as politics are not the group’s “primary activity.”

“…we may never know (the doners) because, under the law, Bannon won’t have to tell us.”

Things that go bump in the dark.

Edit: Here’s an interesting comparison of Bannon and the Rev. Charles Coughlin, founder of the “Union for Social Justice”.


After Reddit banned them, r/incels has moved here:


OMG, it’s Alex Jones in a previous incarnation!


Almost makes one miss Spicey. Now we have a press secretary that’s damn good at her job, and is ruthless.


Why do Trump supporters believe that it’s all Fake News?

CBC Quirks & Quarks: Why Conspiracy theorists are more likely to see patterns in a painting like this

Belief in conspiracy theories based in ‘illusory pattern perception’

Download Why Conspiracy theorists are more likely to see patterns in a painting like this




I found this insider’s look at conspiracy theorists to be quite illuminating:



From Breitbat:

Breitbart News’s executive chairman and former White House chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, said with “absolute metaphysical certitude” in an impromptu Thanksgiving proclamation to SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily radio show that “we will get our country back.”

“absolute metaphysical certitude”, what does that even mean? Has he gone down the Nazi mystic path?

(So pathetic the way Bannon makes a statement elsewhere, then picks it up and publishes it in Breitbart as if he was reporting news rather than his own editorial content.)



Un-fuck this guy.



The NYT are not just amoral and incompetent. They are actively and deliberately promoting fascism.


Another event lost in the putrid swill of Trump’s attacks on black athletes, open acceptance of pedophiles, and trash taking to Congress is Betsy DeVos’ further attempts to roll back protections against vulnerable students.

After rolling back protections for victims of rape and assault, LGBT students, and the disabled, it’s time to start with her real end-game: hurting minorities.


I really hope this plays out as a D winning the seat (wouldn’t that be a coup) or Moore’s victory ultimately destroying the Rs in 2018.