The home urinal movement

“ he is “now convinced that a urinal is the greatest possible fixture you could ever add to your home.”

Nope. Completely unnecessary.

Perhaps one of those fancy heated bidets.


Ever since I got my own place and had to clean my own bathroom, most definitely.


I don’t understand this.

Once you have the sink, what does the urinal add?


the toilet is right there though :frowning:
if you just want a variety of places to pee maybe try the tub/shower for a few days? and if you can’t manage to pee into a toilet that is directly under you… a urinal is not going to be much help


I’d never thought of doing this before, but my SO has a tough time getting up and down from a toilet, and I’m constantly ticked off by the mess dripping down the outside of the bowl when he stands to pee. This might actually be a workable solution.

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In the summer months, there’s a time of day when the sun shines through the window and directly down into the toilet bowl.

Watching that fog of bright droplets fan out from the bowl when I pee is good incentive to clean the floor regularly and not just “when it needs it”.


How??? What??? I can’t even… a rail to help him sit/stand would be a better investment.
I say this as a male. The only time I have trouble hitting the bowl is when I am half awake cause being old means going pee at 2am and I just sit the hell down to avoid any mess.


Why not both?



If it quenches ones needs I have no criticism.


If you contemplate installing an urinal … why not go the full nine yards and add this?:

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My corporate campus replaced a number of standard urinals with waterless as a test and proudly displayed a plaque explaining how much the company cares about the environment. Even though the bathrooms are cleaned daily, those waterless urinals just stunk so bad they must have had a lot of complaints because they were removed and the standard urinals reinstalled in not much more than a year. Maybe even worse is that they were installed in restrooms in the lobby sooo… welcoming business partners into that overwhelming scent was stronger than the do good message on the plaque.


All you need is a sink that is just the right height.


Wow - Google search led to the German wiki entry, I recall a long evening in a bar near Garmisch-Partenkirchen where one of those would have been very useful… (think vodka-RedBulls that were a very pale pink, about 80% vokda…)

From the translated wiki:

" Luxury finishes have upholstered armrests. " - swanky!

“Another common name is “big white phone” because the rinsing usually a shower head is attached, which usually resembles a telephone handset .” - yes, we also use the phrase ‘calling God on the great white telephone’.


Bidets 2020


I have a home urinal too. It’s called MY ENTIRE BACKYARD.


I was visiting a friend at his studio years ago. When I go up to go pee, he old me I could just use the sink. I looked at it or a second and said, “Well, if that was my toothbrush on the rim… maybe.”


Have one. We had to put in the plumbing for it, then seal it in the wall, because the plumbing inspector wouldn’t approve the installation without an upgrade to two inch water lines. Because the city’s manual counts a urinal as the equivalent water usage of 25 taps. Because… urinals are generally in commercial facilities? My thing was save water, toilet seats stay down at all times for less drama, and convenience. My plumber came back after final inspection and installed the thing. Really happy with it.

I’m kind of baffled at the pee on the floor complaints. Aim, fool. Any occasional stray drops on the edge of the thing I just spritz off with the hand held bidet sprayer thingy for the sit-down toilet next to the urinal. It’s kind of a weird, not all that luxurious luxury that I like having. Often a conversation starter when first-time guests come back from the bathroom.


Man, I miss my college rowhouse. One bathroom for four guys … but my attic bedroom had its own sink. Of the right height and everything.


If I wanted a home urinal I’d pee into the lavatory.

P.S.: “Beware, adventurer! Do not eat the urinal cakes.


I’ve worked in three places that each put in waterless urinals, and after a couple of years they replaced them with regular urinals. They do clog, they do require a new “filter” (viscous valve) from time to time (not cheap), and you have to clean them more often. They look nasty – and smell – when not cleaned often enough.