The most valuable NFT avatars in the metaverse are all white males

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I understand how markets work, but damn, my hope is that the metaverse will a better place, not one with the same prejudices we have in the real world. Call me naive I guess.

I was calling white techno-utopians like him “naive” long before he discovered that racism can exist on the Internet. After all, he’s “investing” in NFTs.


Crypto bros are narcissistic… this isn’t news.


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That was my thought. These people want an avatar that looks vaguely like them, and the idiotic world of NFTs and avatars is most populated by young white males.


I hate everything about this headline.


Um, how can you look at the demographics of cryptocurrency users and conclude that any other result is possible? White guys buy white guy things.


What seems especially bafflingly clueless is that, thanks to ‘NFTs’ choosing your avatar in (this particular) ‘metaverse’ costs real money; so avatar choices are going to overwhelmingly reflect the tastes not only of ‘the real world’ but of ‘people who actually care about NFTs and have money to blow on them’.

In the context of games where choosing an avatar is free and the price of entry is low(eg. mobile or last-gen console) you could at least begin to make the argument that ‘the real world’ is actually the ones expressing their preferences through avatar choice; but this is a wildly unrepresentative and mostly self-selected sample; which tells us essentially nothing except about a relative handful of techbros with money to waste.


I thought he was just creating and selling them, which is a pretty smart business model.

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Wow, that’s unreal.


What are the most valuable Pogs?

It also shows the inherent narrow-mindedness and lack of imagination on the part of these so-called “innovators” and “thought leaders”. That’s the real story here.


All I know is, every time I see Jake or Logan Paul’s face I have an irresistible urge to punch it, and I’m a pacifist.


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As best I can tell, the major innovation in the area was in 1991; with some credit due to the bitcoin implementation whitepaper in 2008; but since then pickings have been pretty slim; and mostly thinly veiled analogs of securities for people to gamble with.

I’m not 100% sure if this is because the technology actually solves very few problems that people have; or if there are interesting things that could be done; where there not more money in running the casino side.

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… and they aren’t particularly well done bitmaps, either.

I have an icon that I use elsewhere for most of my other accounts that I drew back in… 2002 or thereabouts that is utterly unique, and because I drew it, I hold copyright on it, and can swing the DMCA ban-hammer on people that steal it (which hasn’t happened… yet.) I don’t need to prove via a blockchain ledger that I own it, I can produce the original if it gets to that point.

This is just nutso.

Alternative headline: “Dumb bullshit that most resembles the stupid assholes that bought it is considered the most valuable by other, similar stupid assholes.”
Huh, when put that way, I don’t really care. And maybe I’m being too harsh in my assessment, but… no, I’m really not.


Yeah I think the only takeaway is just that the devs here are surprised somehow by the preferences of their… customers? participants? enthusiasts?

Like they really expected people who are buying cyberpunk avatars on metaverse with NFTs not to resonate more with white male avatars exactly the way so many people do in literally all popular media? Why? How?


Oh yes, “Valuable”

It’s like white cis-straight gamers trying to do what the furry furry does only with lower quality artists and way more steps and bullshit and speculative bubbles.

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