The new Ghostbusters trailer is awesome


I am so there. Love me some Ghostbusters and I think every reboot should feature awesome ladies gender bending the buddy movie concept.

Mom to the little girl who insisted on buying a StayPuft Marshmallow Guy doll when she was 7 - thanks eBay!


. . .and yet, Hollywood is working very hard to make sure you are not informed that this is a remake, as opposed to the next in the series. This, this I do not like.


I had a friend in college who had one. I thought maybe he got a sweet deal on it, but actually they are expensive and he was trust fund baby. Going to a fabulously cool fraternity formal in it, dressed to the nines, carrying the kegs so we were totally the heroes of that party - one of the best memories of my life.


I’m pretty sure there were no engineers or particle physicists in Bridesmaids. Hurr durr…ladies be shoppin, amirite?!


This was awesome? I feel like I watched a totally different trailer.

The power of pain compels you? Come on.


I’ll say it; I like Ghostbusters 2.

This…? Meh. Maybe it’ll be okay, but I can’t say the trailer does anything for me. But I didn’t particularly want another reboot/sequel/remake anyway. I do think this will probably be better than any of the things that Aykroyd was throwing around as a potential Ghostbusters 3, though.

Trump the Carpathian

Looks just like what I’d want in new Ghostbusters movie. EXCITE.


They might be expensive new but if you keep your eyes open they can be found used at a good price. If you live in a bigger city it is not unusual to get one that’s been owned by more than one mortuary. Since the styles are kind of classic and they don’t get driven hard they do tend to stay in service for a longer time than a typical fleet vehicle.

I looked at one out of curiosity once and it had a pretty fair amount of miles on it but it was in good shape and was pretty cheap. But I swear something seemed to smell bad about the car. Could have been my imagination.

One thing to consider is you’re getting a 20’ long two-seater car. Great for child-less couples who eat a lot of groceries.


Some seriously funny people make up the new crew. I’ll probably get hate for saying, but IMO the new cast is overall made up of better comedians than the original. Sure, Murray and Aykroyd are hilarious but Ramis and Hudson - not so much. They had great lines thanks to Akroyd and Ramis but they really didn’t go all in like Murray and Aykroyd. With what I’ve seen the new crew in individually, they really seem to hold nothing back when performing. Really solidly funny cast. I look forward to it.


agree gb2 total waste of time ,from what I can see this looks like good silly fun.


And really crappy MPG.


1978 Lincoln Continental, lime green, dark green Naugahyde seats.


Or for a mobile workshop/lab, or a homemade SIGINT/ELINT collection station…


“…that stuff went everywhere…in every crack…it’s very hard to wash off”

I think she meant “it’s very hard to wash out”.


I think she might have a line that makes more sense in full context instead of crunched together to fit a trailer.


“It’s always the quiet ones…”


Fighting ghosts.


Sounds like debugging a microwave-based system. Or tracking down an intermittent EMI issue.

…or, in military context, trying to find an adversary that is not there despite of what the intel says…


Or just hamming up 30 minutes on the Discovery channel.


“The power of Patty compels you!” Sorry you didn’t like it; I loved it and will definitely be seeing this movie :smiley: