The new Ghostbusters trailer is awesome


Some seriously funny people make up the new crew. I’ll probably get hate for saying, but IMO the new cast is overall made up of better comedians than the original. Sure, Murray and Aykroyd are hilarious but Ramis and Hudson - not so much. They had great lines thanks to Akroyd and Ramis but they really didn’t go all in like Murray and Aykroyd. With what I’ve seen the new crew in individually, they really seem to hold nothing back when performing. Really solidly funny cast. I look forward to it.


agree gb2 total waste of time ,from what I can see this looks like good silly fun.


And really crappy MPG.


1978 Lincoln Continental, lime green, dark green Naugahyde seats.


Or for a mobile workshop/lab, or a homemade SIGINT/ELINT collection station…


“…that stuff went everywhere…in every crack…it’s very hard to wash off”

I think she meant “it’s very hard to wash out”.


I think she might have a line that makes more sense in full context instead of crunched together to fit a trailer.


“It’s always the quiet ones…”


Fighting ghosts.


Sounds like debugging a microwave-based system. Or tracking down an intermittent EMI issue.

…or, in military context, trying to find an adversary that is not there despite of what the intel says…


Or just hamming up 30 minutes on the Discovery channel.


“The power of Patty compels you!” Sorry you didn’t like it; I loved it and will definitely be seeing this movie :smiley:


i think it really captures the fun of the original, so i’m interested in seeing it. i’m curious how they are going to tie the original into it (“thirty years ago…”), since it sort of feels like a reboot, not a sequel. also, i’m happy Sookie was able to find a new career path in the big city after leaving Stars Hollow.


I thought this was going to be awesome!

Until I saw the trailer…


I hope the runtime isn’t filled up with montage sequences.


Sounds like debugging a microwave-based system. Or tracking down an intermittent EMI issue.

This is a Ghostbusters fan thread. Gremlins is down the hall, to your left.


Am I the only vaguely put off by the street-wise, wacky outsider being the only black person? Like, I know it’s probably a throwback to the original, but the original didn’t do the right thing either (

I mean, I’ll probably enjoy the movie anyway… But the stereotype-game will probably leave me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.


One of these days I’m going to make a movie that’s just 90 minutes of montage and it will be awesome.


Vaguely put off? She is a full blown token black person. While everyone else is an engineer or a scientist, she’s the caricature with street smarts. The idea that anyone could see that casting and not get offended is beyond me.


“I collect spores, mold, and fungus”