The only man to never have seen a woman


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On the one hand, I feel a little saddened by the thought of a life spent so utterly isolated. On the other, I want to crack a joke about having found a role model for the sub-clade of misogynists known as Men Going Their Own Way.


Pfft. Zentraedi are unimpressed.


I doubt he was isolated, unless perhaps you mean to say that his fellow monks don’t count as companions.


I’d like to know what was special about his “special burial ceremony”? Maybe his pals threw a copy of Playboy in his casket.


Those dudes built the coolest robot spaceships. Point made.


This means “Can’t live with 'em, can’t live without 'em” is finally no longer partially undetermined and therefore must be considered a completely false premise.


When you don’t have women to distract you, you can get shit done :wink:


“Should we make a giant space ship, or a robot that travels in space?”

“Why not both?”

"Well, that doesn’t seem practical. I am not sure the budget - "

“Yeah - but… a space ship that turns into a robot. What else do we have to do?”

“Make it so!”


As I read the clipping from the paper, I was struck by its honesty. It mentions “the monks at the onastery…” and we all know what onanism is. It’s just nice to have our assumptions confirmed by the press now and again.


They say he was unusually fond of a particular extra-curvy piece of driftwood.


Not sure there would be much driftwood at the top of the mountain there. But he probably had a special relationship with his melon garden.

That said, imagine growing up in a monastery and not seeing a woman until you were, say, 40. Crisis of faith time.


He never left the monastery. Being confined to a single building or complex for one’s entire life sounds like a good definition of “isolation” to me.


Nice bit of the world, Mt Athos.

Saw the peninsula from the water when we visited the one next door.


Well, he stopped living, so maybe he couldn’t?


Depends on the lady, but point taken.


Gamergate’s mascot.


Whither Miriya?


Otherwise you start creating stuff like Fembots and kickass cyborgs who sport lingerie as outerwear


Republican policy maker on women’s issues.


82 years effectively quarantined from 'em before death occurred is sufficient to rule out lack of 'em as the cause.

(Unless the cause of death was determined to be an extremely long-term effect of blue balls.)