The Republican candidate for Pennsylvania's 18th District is a torture advocate who worked at Abu Ghraib


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This headline tells you why the party doesn’t want anything to do with him. Which isn’t to say I don’t agree with him.


I’ve seen lab rats with more moral compass than any TGOP’er.


The GOP seems to be slowly embracing every aspect of the Soviet Union, except for one. . . can you guess what it is?


It can’t be disappearing people into prison camps, because they’re already OK with ICE doing that:


Lab rats have to be under tremendous stress before they try to eat each other.


He is known generally in state politics for attempting to make 2012 the “Year of the Bible,” and has long campaigned on the claim that there should be no separation of church and state.

Who would Jesus torture?


Didn’t Moore only lose by like 5%? I don’t think the idea of unfit candidates applies in the current political climate outside of extreme “I like to sexually assault 14 year olds” cases.


Did the GOP run out of child molesters to nominate?


yeah, but he’s been pretty well co-opted already! Send me the cash and I’ll pray for you, too!


Is it ballet? The Soviets sure loved those dancers. If you were trying to go for egalitarianism or something, the Soviets had their 1%ers with dachas and special stores that actually had things in them to buy, so it can’t be that.


Stalin thought pedophilia was wrong. Is that it?


I’m torn between investing in education and equality for women.


This is starting to feel like less of a “Race to the bottom” as it seems like the eternal slip into the event horizon of the GOP black hole, where time itself slows (for me) as I’m slowly shredded by the ridiculously powerful forces of absolute GOP shite.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

Like watchin yourself watch yourself watch your country die in a mirror.

w. t. f.


What were you thinking of:

Support for universal health care?

A commitment to Science and space exploration?

Easy access to contraception and abortion?

Full employment?

Dagnabbit, I can’t work it out.


To be fair, the Soviet Union did go through a period of censoring inconvenient scientific data as well.


Some of the best science in the world has been done in Siberian research institutes. Not that the good citizens of Moscow ever heard of it.


No. One of the Koch brothers is a major patron of the ballet in NYC in addition to backing politicians whose authoritarianism would have elevated them to high positions in USSR.


Shoulder Pads?