The Trump Store in Tombstone, Arizona

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What better place to buy handmade turquoise jewelry. Remember folks: if it’s warm to the touch, it’s not real turquoise.


Im not touching anything in that store. Yuck


No, according to the sign, it’s “Jewlery” so it must be something else.


Mayor Dusy Escapule, in 2017, declared Tombstone “America’s Second Amendment City.”

It may seem obvious, but there was tough competition from the towns of Mausoleum, Crematorium, Crypt, and of course Children’s Mass Grave.

I’m not touching anything in that town, including the pavement with the soles of my shoes. Double yuck.


Damn. How does one mess something like that up? Oh, right…


The “T**** 2024” banners at the door made me think… what are people like this going to do when he doesn’t run again? I think it’s clear at this point he isn’t going to. He’s getting so deep into legal trouble, he never wanted the job in the first place, he’s fundraising grifting just fine without running, the GOP is pushing him out, and his health is failing. The only possible reason he has for running is to continue dodging his legal trouble, but there isn’t time for that. Whatever cases are being built against him will have led to charges by then.

Will they all just quietly switch to DeSantis (or whoever), or will they keep this cult going like those doomsday groups whose apocalypse dates repeatedly pass by uneventfully?


They’ll just have to write his name in for every elected office on the ballot.

Fingers crossed!


Ugh. Last time I passed through Tombstone was in the pre-Trump era so it was still a fun old-west tourist destination, at least once you got past the inherent weirdness of a town being so proud of what was essentially a gang war.

Sounds like we may have to skip the place on our next cross-country trip with the kids.


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I don’t know why people believe that, though? I think he certainly enjoyed the attention and the power that goes with the American presidency. Just because he was not up to the actual task of the job and often did not do it, does not mean he did not want the presidency.

One hopes. It seems like it’s going that way, but let’s not count our cute little chicks while still in egg form!


I always thought the shootout at the OK corral was a gun control fight. No guns allowed in town, the Clanton’s refused to surrender their guns, and the Earps went to confiscate them.


If there isn’t money already being paid specifically for the trump ‘trademark’ to trump for that store then trump will sue them for royalties (if he becomes aware of this place, and presuming trump can find someone with a law license who will work for him). Such a shame about this tendency for devoted idiocy in Arizona; it actually had a chance to be a relative progressive, albeit cowboy-ish, area of the country. Some sort of massive fox"news" infection there, perhaps -sigh-

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Well, that’s stupid. You’re going to rust your replacement wiener!

I think he will for a few reasons:

  1. He is just as apt at convincing himself of untruths as his followers are. Among those untruths is that somehow running will shield him from legal consequences (which, in some cases it actually might because of cowardly prosecutors cough Manhattan DA cough). If he needs to, he will truly believe this to be the case and will ride his delusions all the way to Valhalla.

  2. He equates anecdotal information (the size of his rallies, for instance) with facts. He truly believes that most Americans love and adore him and is so needy that he could never ignore that rush of adulation.

  3. And I think this is the most important point; his ego simply cannot bear being replaced. He couldn’t hide his contempt for DeSantis while he was in office, not because of conflict with DeSantis, but because of his lack of naked fealty. He is a weak, weak man with a petty soul.

This is why prosecution is so important. I’ve been reading a lot on deprogramming and the decline of cults. In every case that doesn’t end in tragedy, it’s because the leader is weakened and reduced in the eyes of his followers (and it’s almost always men). Unfortunately, some of them still cling to him and turn violent. There’s even plenty of evidence to support the idea that he will gain followers (Manson in prison, for instance). He will never be able to raise an army, but we’ll continue to see stochastic terrorism and cultural hostage-taking until it eventually peters out. And in a generation or two there will likely be a resurgence in popularity, possibly led by one of his own children.

Basically, Lock Him Up!!!


Was just gonna say that the gunfight at the OK did not mean what these people seem to think it means.

Bunch of lawless thugs gunned up and a lot of people were shot or killed. Not a good thing. Maybe their militia wasn’t “well organised” or something so the Second Amendment would not apply?


Don’t you hate it when your subconscious scrambles up your ideas and flips a dream on its head?

It started out with a very enjoyable trip to the store to pick out trump’s tombstone and then this happened



From your lips to god’s ear.


They see it as “a good thing” if the “right” people end up dead… in this case, people who want gun control.


Well, to be fair, they didn’t say which side they were rooting for…

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another black hat with the words, “I COULD SHIT A BETTER PRESIDENT”;

Than Trump?

Who couldn’t?