The walls have crumbled for Trump


Scottie! I need more power!
Ah caana do it, Capn. He’s aboot ta blow!


You seem to have a weird idea of what was achievable in this election. Speaking of “extinguishing” Trump, there was no possible way – and I don’t mean likely or plausible way, but literally possible way – for the Democrats to win a big enough a Senate majority in this election that they could impeach and then convict Trump on their own. And Trump himself, of course, was not up for election.

As for containing Trump, Democrats just won the control of the House, which means they can thwart his legislation and can investigate him, his campaign, and his business connections. Democrats also won crucial victories on state level, allowing for state-level resistance to Trump’s actions. And depending on the outcome of the recounts, the Republican gains in the Senate may end up extremely slight.


Sorry to nitpick, but it’s “reining” in, as a horse.


He’s been trying all along to recreate the tiny sole-proprietorship office structure that he has spent his whole shit show career operating. He doesn’t want all those Washington assholes around him, because he believes he is the best arbiter of what constitutes good government.


Nixon had about a 27% approval rating right up until he resigned.


His opposition would have to have the knack of defusing his lie bombs in real time. Does Beto have the starch to stand up to evil?


God, you’re right. Em-bare-assing for a former English major. Or should I say, “Gawd, your raht.”


Two points: I was not speaking to my personal views. I was speaking to the collective thought or feeling of the Dems
putting out, extinguishing Trump political momentum.
Moving on … I was referring to the hyper, over inflated reach the Democrats and their base started to slowly chanted and tried to claim in working up to the mid-terms. At least that’s what I saw in my areas and others. This was around late spring going into the summer. You don’t recall seeing #BlueWave? And the David Hogg’s of the world hypering it up? I think the Democrats and media saw the error in progress and course corrected and tamped down this unrealistic expectation. Wisely so.


Also the fact that these kinds of political articles (exactly like this one) are still being put out are testimony to this strange, alternative reality some people are choosing to live in where every other day or week there is an article espousing an edge of the moment “feeling” that Pres. Trump is or will be impeached. Wtf? Can we all live in the same reality and move forward (resist all you want, protesting is not going to change the fact he is Pres.)? What I need from the Democratic party are concrete and real opposition government initiatives. What I do not need is more rhetoric that goes nowhere. I do think they are headed there. But not quite. I dunno, maybe I expect too much or my view is off.


This kind of thinking (Beto running4Pres) just proves how weak the 2020 field is for Democrats. Mind you the US has time. But it is winding down. Clinton was a train wreck. Bernie doesn’t have a prayer in hells chance, the others are just Young except for Warren and Biden. Warren is arguably the most out of touch and slow to move among other huge weaknesses. Of all of them gaffe mouth Biden probably has the best shot thus far.

But I could say anything and be right, because this is pure speculation and anything goes at this stage.


“If it’s what you say, I love it.”


I think this helped to build momentum that carried through the election, and in the coming years. The outcome was not spectacular, but it was good. We got the house, Ted Cruz was nearly defeated (which is awesome consider this was Texas), and Kemp’s win (if it stays that way) is razor thin. We need to keep this momentum up.

No, but it still sends a message to congresspeople.


Indeed. The Republicans were defending 9 seats. In the pipedream that we had won all 33 seats up (never, ever happen in this plane of existence) reps loose 9 seats. So they now hold 42 seats. Even in this alternative reality, you cannot generate the 2/3 majority required to remove the pres from office. The blue wave was about as good as it could have been, and still has the possibility of getting better. The down ticket results will have seismic consequences downstream, and this is beginning to sink in. Watch the panic, and associated fireworks, ensue.


So in France!

Trump skips the Marine’s memorial. He arrives at the “World Leader” event late, with Putin simultaneously arriving. And I think a dinner, where he was two hours late. Hard to distinguish all this.

They weren’t circle jerking now, were they?

He’s going deeper and deeper into the strategy of doing it in front of our faces. Don’t believe what you see.

Trump is canning ultra-important stuff to chat with Putin.

Like hello when is someone going to make sure this pucker-assed fella gonna be taken down?!?


Ditto. I also have an open call for anyone hiring protestors.


Nixon had an approval rating in the 50-60’s throughout his first term. The break in happened in mid 1972. His approval ratings actually went up, and he won re-election as the scandal initially hit. And didn’t begin to fall until after some key events. Like the tapes, and the Saturday Night Massacre. He didn’t hit the high 20’s (and lower) until a few months into 1974. And resigned in August, largely under pressure from his own party.


You’re understanding of US electoral politics is flawed; and at such a distance to have marginal value.

Florida is still in contention since the last election, Georgia and even Texas were in play, there were more Dem victories since Watergate.

Seven governorships were flipped and several state houses. Gerrymandering will be tempered; and Florida returned the right to vote to about 1.5 million former incarcerated people.

Trump barely won swing state Pennsylvania gaining 20 electoral votes. Current Governor Wolfe just won his election by 1.4 million votes and 17.8%.

Trump’s not the only one doing some dick wagging here.



We’ll see.

I heard similar talk in the run up to the Primaries and I remember Bush juniors re-election.


Bush and his cronies effectively stole both of the elections he “won.” In the most self-praising “democracy” on earth, the current president also actually lost, by 3 million votes. Your cynicism is warranted. But not, I think, your constant apparent effort to quash all efforts and hope in the US toward actual democracy. A lot of good people here are fighting, and fighting hard, for change. The efforts of masses of people like that have produced positive change in the country’s past. It can happen again.

Would you mind spelling out your motives in constantly shitposting about the US here? I mean really, why do you do it? What are you hoping to accomplish here?