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They are Blasters not lasers.

(eye roll)


Couldn’t agree more. Luke Skywalker was supposed to be some kind of Force prodigy and he had to concentrate just to lift a lightsaber. Even Yoda, the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy, had to take a moment to get into the zone before he could slowly lift Luke’s X-wing out of that swamp. So now we’re supposed to believe that Darth Vader had a goddamn trainee in the wings who could throw around huge spaceships like it ain’t no thang?


Ahem. I quote:

“That wasn’t a laser blast, somethin’ hit us!”

Of course, he was referring to ship-to-ship turbolaser cannons, but I’m not sure the distinction between those and hand blasters is all that important, since they seem to be similarly animated at considerably below the speed of light. Might be color is the only practical difference.

Could be Captain Phasma owns the first genuinely effective set of stormtrooper armor in the galaxy.

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Now, since those turbolasers only look to be shooting the same speed if you stipulate that a Star Destroyer is around 15 feet long, I guess we can assume that green turbolasers are… what, maybe ten or twenty times as fast as red hand blaster bolts? At most a couple orders of magnitude? Even 13,000 miles per hour is still significantly below the speed of light.

Then again, it might have been pretty funny to watch Alderaan blow up an hour or so after the Death Star fired upon it.

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Real life or fiction? IIRC ABS is both stronger and more flexible. The original armor and new kits are ABS sheets vacuum formed over molds. The prop armor is fairly thin, but easy to repair.

I am betting someone made some poor mans armor from PVC pipe.

Actually in the game RIFTS, they had highly reflective armor for laser armor. Mechs clad in it were known as Glitter Boys.

Star Wars doesn’t have lasers. It has blasters. They shoot bolts of plasma, which is why they have recoil and you can see the bolt and the bolt moves much slower than the speed of light.

Well - there are lasers too, but the hand held guns are blasters.


That is, when the actors remember to give 'em recoil. I remember finding out as a young teenager, while watching some behind-the-scenes footage of the surface Battle of Endor, that they were shooting cap guns.

As for the turbolasers, I can’t help but imagine them as lasers, augmented by feeding them through a turbine. Sounds cool as hell on paper, anyway. None too plausible otherwise.


I like to imagine that the sound guys also had to edit out the actors yelling "pew pew pew!" during those scenes.


God knows they would have had to edit mine out.

I’d have been grinning like this fool the whole time:


Didn’t Lucas have to tell Ewan McGregor to stop making lightsaber noises?
(hypothetically, if Ewan McGregor had ever been in a Star Wars movie)


Not as distracting as the guy who played Darth Maul going “Daaaaaaa… da daaaaaaa!” during all his action sequences.


The original Stormtrooper blasters in Star Wars were REAL British Sterling machines guns converted to fire blanks. That is why there is all that smoke in the opening scene with the attack on the Tantive IV. IIRC there are a couple places where you can see a blank cartridge expelled.


Desert Dwelling please. Neither Rey nor Luke were born on those far flung dirt piles.


Well, akbar… seems I fell into your… hmm, what’s it called?

Well if my name were spelled Ackbar that would be correct. But it is not. I am more of the Life In Hell Akbar and Jeff kind of guy.

For that you have concrete evidence.

However, I don’t believe anyone’s established where Rey was born. Luke, yes (we saw it happen), but not Rey.

I don’t doubt she wasn’t born on Jakku. But there are those who think she might be a Kenobi. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that Obi-Wan may have had occasion to grandfather a kid during his long exile on Tatooine.

I mean, wouldn’t be the first Jedi directive he’d disobeyed.


True we don’t know the exact location of Rey’s birth but given we know Luke’s your original statement is still incorrect.

I hope she isn’t a Kenobi or has ANY connection to past families. Isn’t time the force picks a new darling from a different family? They’ve only got a 33% success rate with the Skywalker family. Best to pick someone unassociated with that clan in every way possible to work on a new prodigy.

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I would hope so too. But there’s a reason why her last name wasn’t revealed. And that’s because we’d recognize it. I guarantee it.

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Or JJ loves the mystery box more than actual coherent story and plot lines and this is just one more of his bullshit film techniques. I want ep8 to come along and prove that all wrong that Rey is no one special, she just happen to hit the random jackpot that makes one force sensitive or not.

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