This TWP implosion is the best schadenfreude


The Tradionalist Worker’s Party (a collection of white supremacist shitbags) seems to be falling apart in the wake of the messiest imaginable divorce. It’s a story that features adultery, a family tree that needs to be diagrammed to be understood, plus all four of the adults in the story listed their occupations as “White Supremacist” in the police report, so I don’t feel the smallest iota of sympathy for a single one of them.

And the fallout, the glorious fallout - Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrot are the two central figures to the TWP. And since Heimbach (who is married to Parrot’s step-daughter) got caught sleeping with Parrot’s wife, Parrot has now deleted the TWP membership rolls and nuked their website.

From the SPLC:
“I’m done. I’m out,” Parrott told the Southern Poverty Law Center on Tuesday. “SPLC has won. Matt Parrott is out of the game. Y’all have a nice life.”

There’s a nice writeup from Jack Smith IV at Mic

White supremacist Matthew Heimbach is headed to jail
Richard Spencer says that antifa sucked all the fun out of college appearances, calls it quits

Seems they were signaling a little too hard for positions in the Trump administration.


BuhoLoco40 3/15/18 4:51pm

The cops arrested Heimbach on the spot, noting that his two children were present when Heimbach attacked his children’s mother … who is also their uncle’s stepdaughter… which means the kids’ mother is also their first cousin.

But seriously, I think I got a sharp pain in my head and a nosebleed trying to follow that.

In a way, it’s a shame that they’re gone. It was fun to troll Breitbart when someone repeated the “Nazi are lefties” big lie by asking why the National Socialist Traditionalist Worker Party was on their side?


I kept re-reading certain sentences and paragraphs because my mind was distracted by overwhelming concern for the salaried staff of The Onion.


Time for a happy dance!



The family tree still makes my head hurt. Even with explicatory diagrams.



Sidebar: Michael Harriott is my hero.


Well, at least absolutely no stereotypes were harmed in this incident.



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