Tiger Woods hospitalized after a roll-over car accident in Los Angeles

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How’d he suffer these injuries after being pulled from his car? Did they throw him the rest of the way down the gulch?


I hate to be that guy, but here goes…
Hypothetically speaking, is there a way for them to use the jaws of life where your car doesn’t sustain major damage?

I mean, don’t they use the jaws of life to cut bodywork and structural stuff?

Also, “moderate to critical” is a large range.


I think Woods just got his second life lesson in learning that he really is still just a Black man, no matter what heritage his mom may be.

(The first one was being dragged through the mud when his extramarital affairs came to light.)


If you’ve rolled your car so bad that you need the JOL to get people out, it’s probably already going to be totaled out by your insurance company.

In cases like this, time is of the essence and getting people out in time to save their lives takes precedence over something that’s replaceable.


@Carla_Sinclair The CNN link in the post is broken (pointing to a link to edit the post)

Right, I was just saying “No shit sherlock” regarding the article saying that his car suffered “major damage”.

And you are correct regarding time being of the essence in such a situation


Well, I was responding to your hypothetical part, not the part about the damage to his car. But I’d think, usually if there isn’t much damage, they don’t have to use the JOL. If they can just open the door to get the injured out, I think they’ll do that. On the other hand, if you’re in dire straights after a wreck, it’s likely that the car is probably in bad shape, too.

And I was in an accident once where the truck I was traveling rolled. It was actually drivable after, at least for a short distance? I can’t remember if the guy’s insurance totaled it or not.


I think that must be a misstatement and assume they meant his injuries were assessed after being pulled from the car. But who knows, they may have had to do something urgent to extricate him.


The reason they need to use the Jaws of Life is that your car has suffered such serious damage that the doors can no longer be opened.

It’s not like Tiger Woods is going to struggle to afford a replacement, especially since insurance is going to cover it.

In general saving the person is more important than saving the car.


May he have a speedy and complication-free recovery.

I am currently on the mend, from my appendix trying to show me what stomach pain really is. So far, so good.


Oh no! Glad you’re on the mend!


He nearly got a hole in one.

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Thank you :slight_smile:


Yikes. Hope he heals up ok.

That’s easy for you to say. That sort of work costs hundreds, sometimes even thousands.
Those sorts of unexpected bills can be crippling, especially for a small business owner like Tiger, struggling to raise children on their own.

But landed in the rough.


I’m guessing this is one of those “Schrödinger’s injuries” type situations, where the extent of the damage is considered to be in an indeterminate state until someone actually diagnoses the patient.

But yikes, “critical” injuries isn’t good at all.


I wish him a speedy recovery.

I will say I’m surprised that he was in what appears to be a Hyundai Genesis SUV. I would have figure him for at least a Mercedes GLS guy if not a G-wagen, DBX, or Urus.


I believe it’s a tournament loaner car.