Time traveler blames other time traveler for 9/11


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I will remember that at some future day in the past.


Good to know tin foil is still being used in the future.


I say we stop repeating this sort of thing. Sure, it seems ridiculous, but I felt that way about infowars, and then I found out people think that is really reals.


Psh! Typical!


That’s what you said next time.


I mean, this is a nicer, cleverer way to get Youtube money than that whole Logan Paul meshuggah nonsense.


There are so few historical events that a single time-traveler would be able to affect. Mostly the ones where a word of warning would have been heeded. What I wonder is whether the best move would be to go to Sept 10th and attempt to warn about the hijackings, or October 2000 and warn Gore to campaign in Florida…


I just remembered what I did tomorrow, and the day after next as well.


I remember forgetting to have planned to say that.


Luckily I have some money deposited with these guys.
If I can remember my login we’re saved…


You might prefer to go back to 2016 and tell Clinton not to suck so bad at swing states. Time will tell.

Probably time is self-healing, anyway. That or it stops dead and can no longer move forward when we invent time travel and attempt to change the past.


So he can’t tell us what counties he fought in because of some kind of future legal agreement he signed, but spilling the beans on everything else is perfectly fine?


How convenient. If the predictions come true, then it will be claimed that he’s genuine. If they don’t come true, then that’s evidence that he’s successfully averted disaster, butterfly-effect style.

I wonder how many people will be taken in by the neatly constructed unfalsifiable bull.


I’m reminded of an episode of the original Star Trek where they know their planet is doomed and begin going back in time to live out their lives in a favorite part of history. Are these guys coming back to escape WW3?


Yes we are.


My dog has fleas.


Oh, no…if there’d been no Bush and Iraq, there’d be no Trump election at all.

I really feel that the schisms that it brought to American discourse, where you were either “with us or the terrorists”; where years and years of war in the middle east slowly built up an Islamophobia that wasn’t there in 2001 or 2002, made it possible for all the alt-right to come out of the closet and support their man. The endless wars gave the GOP a fear button they could keep pushing endlessly to both support their party, and push it ever-further to the Right, until now it’s in proto-fascist territority.

I dunno if Gore winning would have prevented 9/11, but I’m certain it would have prevented Iraq.

Honestly, nothing Trump has done compares to Iraq. Preventing Iraq would be vastly more important than Clinton winning over Trump 13 years later. Particularly for the Iraqis. And Syrians…


Are you saying it isn’t turtles all the way down?


Absolutely true, but he’s just getting started, after all. Lots of time left.