To fake her own death, beauty blogger killed her doppelganger

Livestream, baby!


I suppose there might be more to Nabokov than just quality life lessons, but I sure as hell won’t let just anyone publish and annotate my final poem.


Wild, this happened more or les in my back yard last August. Munich and Ingolstadt are more bucolic, considered some of the safest cities in the world (despite what crime procedurals would have you believe).


Im sogenannten Doppelgängerinnen-Mord von Ingolstadt

That is such a German beginning of an article.

I find the different conventions in news article in different countries fascinating


It’s so much worse than that, even. The so-called “CSI effect” is so bad that it has eroded peoples’ understanding of the entire justice system in America. For example people believe all prosecutions are probably legit because they must have done all that fancy lab stuff, right? In fact most convictions are on the worst possible evidence. Genuine, non-circumstantial physical evidence for a conviction is the exception. People get sent to death row in America based on a terrible second-hand eyewitness account all the time. We know, in fact, that eye-witnesses are notoriously unreliable for all events. There’s tons of science on this. People don’t remember shit about what happens around them. However, because of the CSI Effect, people ignore all these issues with the system, or assume they must not be common because they think copaganda prime time TV shows are basically documentaries.

The Innocence Project has a lot of literature on all these topics for anyone who wants to know more. This is all drifting off topic here for the thread so I’ll apologize to mods and stop derailing now.


Fixed that for you.

The smart criminals go to Wall Street or become CEOs, where psychopathy and a lack of ethics are celebrated and rewarded.


The local branch of the Innocence Project was involved in getting a conviction overturned of an old classmate of mine… The paucity of “proof” that convicted the two (at the time) 17 year olds was beyond shocking… I remember everyone just sort of accepting what the police said about how this happened:

But honestly, I think having someone produce a podcast about the case helped them get this over the line. They were putting out episodes prior to them getting exonerated and updated with a couple of new episodes afterwards.


Do you have any source for the “coerced arranged marriages” part?

The articles I’ve read have not gone into what the alleged family problems were - with the police reported as stating they were not going to provide further details on that.


Well, I read the Süddeutsche Zeitung, a more highbrow newspaper than BILD. That rag probably ran something like “Killer Bloggerin – Mord war geplant!” and then “innocently” asking if she was a foreigner, if she was on drugs and so on.


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