Today's mass shootings

Specifically, Osteen addressed the issue of gun control, which has been a major discussion in recent days in light of the Newtown tragedy.

When “Today” host Matt Lauer asked Osteen if he believes it is his responsibility to take a stand regarding guns in the U.S., Osteen responded: “I really don’t Matt, because political issues divide us.”


At least we can be sure there’ll be no shortage of thoughts and prayers. (/s)


It’s a clearing house for those things.

A GD MAGAciple thoughts and prayers gift card shop.


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shot by police, even. :cry:


Pretty sure that that tragic aspect of the story is going to take a back seat (at least among right-wing media) to reports that “free palestine” written on her gun. (And details regardingher identthat require further confirmation) :frowning: more innocent people will continue to be persecuted and victimized in the aftermath of this senseless shooting.

[Edited to remove information that requires more confirmation]


They keep doing this shit. Don’t fall for it UNTIL you see confirmation in non-fascist sources.


They’re also losing their shit because whatever documents they’re getting their information from says white instead of whatever they believe it should say.

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I was saying that the right wing media will fixate on those details to the exclusion of more important facts such as who shot who. Unfortunately I’ve seen the shooter’s identity and the message written on the gun reported in more mainstream news outlets.


Again, if you see a “fact” in right wing media don’t trust it, because they are ideologically driven. We don’t know if these are facts yet IF THEY ARE JUST IN RIGHT WING MEDIA.

If you find support in non-fascist sources, then fine, but until then, this is just a right wing demonization of trans people which is feeding into the eliminationist narrative. STOP HELPING…


Like I said in the post that you’re responding to, I saw those details reported in non-fascist, mainstream sources such as ABC news. I do not read Fox News, the NY Post, or whatever nutjob outlets that you seem to be assuming I’m reading.

But it’s early yet, and those reports could still be wrong, regardless of the source.

The press conference confirmed what I thought, the shooter is a woman, the records Marge and other right wing wackadoodles are sharing are records listing her aliases.

But I’m sure they won’t let facts get in their way.

Just to be clear you mean cisgendered woman, right? That’s certainly good (or at least less-bad) if the other reports were inaccurate.

I didn’t say you, but the fact is that the shit they print DOES get picked up by mainstream sources, too… so, again, grain of salt here.

CNN, thus far only says she was a woman, not that she was trans…

Nor does the ABC story, which does mention the “free palestine” on her gun…

Also, there’s this:

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said in a statement, “I will not make any assumptions because information continues to come in as to what motivated the shooter, but I am asking that the investigation look into whether it was a hate crime, given the shooting took place at an all-Spanish service.”

so, for the love of god, PLEASE don’t push narratives like “they were trans” until that’s made clear one way or the other.


Ok, the report I read on ABC gave her full name and other sources like The Daily Beast gave information about identities linked to that name, but they cite The Houston Chronicle as the primary source, which definitely could be wrong. I’ve removed the reference regarding her identity pending further confirmation.

The “free Palestine” message (which seems to have plenty of confirmation at thos point) will be damaging enough on its own.

Edit to add:
Yeah, trying to comment on breaking news is a fool’s errand and I wish that I hadn’t. ABC is now updating some of their previously-reported info:


“Not taking a position” on a divisive political issue is a position.


So even that it was a sticker that said “free palestine” is up for debate now… :woman_shrugging:



Damn, ABC paints a picture of this being entirely avoidable if we frickin’ took mental health issues seriously. It sounds like her life was a mess throughout, and multiple opportunities to intervene were missed. What a mess!