Tourists at Winter Olympics are enjoying Penis Park in their downtime


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Penis Park
Is in
Your Heart


So they did the only thing you can do when a virgin dies in a storm, and built giant wooden penises to appease her spirit.

I can see the logic here. If she hadn’t been a virgin, leaving her to drown would have been okay. Therefore, her spirit needs the D.


A gentleman always obliges his significant other’s apparently nigh-insatiable appetite for dick before abandoning her to the sea.


I guess fish dicks weren’t her thing


Weren’t mine either, 'til I saw The Shape of Water…


Wanna fix the USA? More penis and vagina parks, like everywhere.


Roger that.


More of them at the ski jump center:

In fact, on those statues, the penes have penes.


Fair warning, I am henceforth going to recommend this strategy as a solution to all problems. Except it’s going to be giant ladyparts because reasons.


You want to catch fish, you go to the little man in the boat.



This being the Winter Olympics, wouldn’t they be smaller in the cold weather?



“Hello? This is vagina park. We should meet.”


The Japanese Olympians are like “Psshh, we’ve got Octopods for that”


From left to right we have Dippy, Jaunty, Sleazy, Dirty, Jumpy, Tipsy, and Baldy.


Fairly common sight in Korea, and can be found in Japan as well.

IIRC, depending on the square meters of coverage a building has when it’s built, they are mandated to install a proportional number of commissioned art pieces.

For some reason, Lotte Dept. Stores tend to have a lot of this kind of thing when it comes to public works of art. You’ll see these blue naked bowing guys all over the place.

I have no idea if they’re required to have a certain number of dong art pieces installed …
… Oh, well: YMMV.

(“Dong” is the word for “East” or “District” in Korean). d('O . o`)b


In Cheju Island. South Korea they have statues all over called Dol Harubang, or stone grandfathers. They have a similar profile with the added charm of looking like old men too!



And is the official currency of Vietnam.

Of course, there’s always a smartass: