Toxic Disney fans want to make Disney magic again

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One thing I’m disappointed about them canceling American Gods is that I don’t get to see Rock City on TV!

I really want to make it out to the House on the rock at some point. I love those weird old Road Side attractions.


Disney ended up giving the land to the Boy Scouts who built a nice camp for Cub Scouts.

The other parcel is a wetland bank.



We’re back to MDMA here as a (temporary) solution then.

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Yes, that was a reference to the park controversy. The thing with The Simpsons going on for so long is that many of the side jokes refer to things that were topical when they were made but which have since become obscure. Of course given that Disney is even a more powerful corporation than it was in the 1990s now that it owns most of the popular franchises, I suppose someone today not knowing about the debate could just interpret the joke as “Disney wants to own everything”.

When I was a kid, Disney parks held the magic of creativity. Now that I’m an adult, they embody the magic of creativity and engineering.

Still magical.


Academics studying the phenomenon

Huh? There are academics that study ahole behavior?

I read the article linked to, this has nothing to do with Disney, it has to do with jerks being jerks. I see it all the time in our local Facebook group. Someone will ask where to get some fresh apples locally and in less than five responses someone will bring up politics or race or something other than where to get apples.

I don’t think it’s a new phenomenon but I really believe the last several years have made it okay to say the quiet parts out loud. There have always been angry people but it seems there is no one to call them out or tell them to knock it off so they think that behavior is acceptable. It doesn’t help when 6 people like their post or chime in agreeing with them.

When in person it’s easy to shut them down but online they think there are no rules. The box has been opened, it’s not getting closed anytime soon.


Yes. If it exists, there is an academic to study it.




I thoroughly enjoyed the various “music boxes” when I went (holy crap, over 30 years ago), and the house itself was pretty mind-blowing. Though, like any far-out architecture (see also: Frank Lloyd Wright) the level of upkeep needed for it must be staggering.


Ticket prices went up, and they’re no longer selling one version of the “Magic Key” (annual pass) because all the good dates have already been reserved.

$30 for parking now, or $40 to park at the hotels. Up to $224 for a single-day park-hopper ticket during peak times. Yikes.




Yikes indeed. Not only did I get to enjoy both parks in early 2020 before Covid shut things down, but now it looks like I got in under the wire of being able to park-hop for three days without taking out a second mortgage.


The husband’s film of our trip to House on the Rock back in 2010


Ah! Thanks for sharing! Will watch in a bit!


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