Truck owner loses job after driving it town around with racial slur on back window

I cannot imagine why someone would be a registered member of a political party and not vote.

But yeah, racist…


Who would do something like that. Totally disrespectful. I hope they get to the bottom of it.

Needs more @beschizza

I wouldn’t say he’s a coward, per se. He DID paint that shit on his truck and drive around with it. You couldn’t pay me a million bucks to sit in his passenger seat.

He’s groveling for his job back, after finally realizing that freedom of speech doesn’t really mean what he thinks it means.


Oh, I didn’t realize I could ping the author. Thanks for the help!


Yeah but it’s about cowardly behavior, not who or what this dude is. Sure, driving around some towns or cities like that might not sound cowardly, but denying that you did when called out about it sure does to me.


It’s clearly been done with a large, fat paint marker, the sort used for ‘painting’ offers and menus outside bars, restaurants, etc. It’s waterproof and dries pretty quickly, but can be washed off.
It’s also used by taggers, as well.
Does that help?

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Looks like one of the occasional situations where it’s exactly what it seems like.

Ohiowa was platted in 1886 when the railroad was extended to that point.[6] A majority of the early settlers being natives of the states of Ohio and Iowa caused the name to be selected.[7][8] The name of the village is unusual in that it contains the complete names of two states

Seems to happen somewhat frequently with railroad towns. Texarkana probably got it’s name in a similar fashion, railroad stop on the border of Texas and Arkansas. So we’ll call it Texarkana.


Both seem plausible.
What’s clear is that many people think the worst of others these days

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Joe’s advice on how to keep your gainful employment:

Don’t be a racist dick.


Well I don’t have the vegas odds on the likelihood.

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Good point.


It’s not going to help this guy, he already lost his job. Maybe future victims of the Phantom Tagger?

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To me, there’s a big difference between “driving around town” and “going 3 blocks to the car wash”. Driving around shows intent to stir up racial divides and get people hurt. 3 blocks to the car wash shows he didn’t do this and was set up. However, if a set up, who knew it was his pick-up at the mall?
Story from Dude does not ring true.


Out West here, I can’t blame railroads for Mexicali, Calexico, or Calneva. At least there’s no Orecal.

Back to topic: Is there visual evidence of other “marked-up” vehicles at that mall?

I like that it was written in red, white, and blue. That was a nice touch.

Much patriotic
So colour


One would assume if there were more cars marked up some one would have reported the vandalism. That specific sort of vandalism can count as a hate crime if it’s targeted too.

It’s also a really weird thing to graffiti on some one’s car, curiously close to what actual Trump supporters actually put up on the rear window of their trucks. How often do vandals carefully paint the contents of campaign bumper stickers below threats and slurs? On windows, with removable paint?

I doubt his employer would risk a law suit by firing despite an easily checked alternate explanation either.


Yeah, I’d go back into the store and buy windex and some paper towels and remove it immediately, if I didn’t have the means to do so in the car.


Oh. The old “It wasn’t me” defense!


The graffitist would have had to get in the back of someone else’s pickup to write on the back window. Country and small-town people know better than to do that. Zero chance his story is true.