Trump admits Covid death toll will be higher, compares self to Abraham Lincoln

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So the new target number is 655,000?




It must be very hard for his supporters to idolize Trump when he’s continually whining and complaining and carrying on like a wailing infant. I guess that’s what strength and leadership looks like to them.


Cue the alt-right propaganda, that will claim are claiming: the death figures are fake/over-inflated and/or the death figures are understandable because the actual number of people infected are fake/under-inflated.


Four whores and seven decades ago my father brought forth on this continent, a new monster, conceived in god-knows-where, and dedicated to the proposition that all men (and let me clarify, I mean rich white men) are created better than the rest of the populace.


It seems to feed into his image as an an outsider underdog (which astonishingly is what his supporters believe about him). His whining is taken at face value as the literal state of the world. I guess that works because his supporters have left reality so far behind that everything he says is gospel? I don’t know.


With a healthy portion of cognitive dissonance it’s not a problem at all.


To his supporters it looks like he is taking charge and confronting the might of the Washington swamp, Deep State, Fake News Media, etc, all of whom are constantly conspiring to undermine him.


It would explain the reopening plans.

Authoritarian regimes rely on a mix of victimization and claims of exceptional strength. We would be the greatest if it weren’t for those sneaky internal enemies. That’s why it is so easy for them to tip over into purges of those enemies, however they are defined.


All of this (waves vaguely in the direction of Washington D.C.) keeps reminding me of the character Humphrey Bogart (Lieutenant Commander Queeg) played in the 1954 film “The Caine Mutiny.”


All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.


I went to a tobacconist yesterday that I regularly buy from.

He said you don’t need to wear a mask in here that’s optional here and I said sorry I don’t feel like getting the virus or really specifically giving it to anyone else.

He immediately went on to tell me all flus are Coronaviruses, so this coronavirus is no worse than the flu and the numbers they are making up are fake.

I listened to him because last week I had a pretty horrible week and I was not in the best place and he heard me out so I heard him out this time but I couldn’t hold back my disgust for what I was hearing.

Once I let go with I do not trust numbers that come from Donald Trump he immediately shut down and said I’m not going into politics wished me well and hurried me out of the store, right after I told him more people have died from this than the Vietnam War in 2 months it’s not the same thing as the damn flu- and I should know what the flu is like because I’ve had pneumonia in the ER three times. Pneumonia doesn’t cause permanent damage to the lungs apparently this one does.

These people will makeup anything no matter how many people died.

They cannot deal with reality but in his case I think it’s just complete belief in the other side’s story, and actual fake news and exaggerated numbers with people like Tucker Carlson getting them to think like morons


Sounds like you need a new tobacconist.


At least Trump can take solace in the knowledge that he has the enthusiastic support of the Confederacy.


Seriously doubt we will ever see a Trump Memorial in D.C.


One of several reasons I think a Trump assassination would be a national tragedy is that those are the Presidents who usually get fast-tracked for grand memorials.

Even Lincoln was still a very divisive figure right up until the moment he caught a bullet in his brain.


I have many, I smoke cigars. This is the only one staying open in my area during this.

In general cigar smokers seem to bend conservative and I’ve noticed this everywhere I’ve been.

I am definitely not conservative though.


The best thing we can do for Trump is vote him out and mock his memory from the second he leaves.

You are absolutely right if somebody shot him he would eventually get a memorial and he is the last president that will ever deserve one.

I am still trying to wrap my head around the cosmically sized ego that’s not only confident as a sitting president comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln universally acknowledged as one of the greatest presidents in our history, but how he can be so clueless at the same time as to how completely wrong that comparison is.

He’s like a walking alternate reality of crazy and stupid