Trump approval rating "in the toilet"


%37 and he’s STILL OVER-RATED!


There are also surely hyper-partisan people to answer positively because they want to see a more positive response in the media (Maybe the reverse too… but that seems more dubious, there is always something to complain about, heh).

So even if they think Trump is doing a bad job they will still answer a poll like this positively because they don’t want the media coverage to be negative.


Here’s the game: divert tax money to your clients and yourself for a while, and don’t worry about negative polling. Then, six months before the next election there’ll be some macho posturing about something or other (probably about scary brown people), and Democrats will probably be cowed into “supporting the troops” or “respecting the office” or some other rank horses***t. Mission Accomplished.


And the third group, the pure hyper-partisans who are just happy there is a GOP president, period.

Also, this is a bit like out of the frying pan into the fire - the GOP in Congress are basically pro-trade, pro-immigration, and (for the most part) not really that racist or sexist or xenophobic (caveat: almost all GOP policies are intrinsically discriminatory because they support the wealthy which are primarily white men.) They are itching to wreak havoc on the entitlement systems and federal spending.

Right now Trump’s limousine liberal philosophies are standing in their way. If Trump has no power because he has no constituency, they’ll just shove all these terrible economic policies down our throat.

The worst things that could happen right now are:

Trump starts acting like a sober, quiet Mitt Romney - suddenly he’s back to 45% in the polls, everybody’s praising him for doing his fucking job and he and Congress start kicking the poor, the sick, the young, and the brown around. (Probability: 15% - it could definitely happen.)

Trump goes berserker and slips below 35% in the polls and now he’s at the mercy of Congress to make him look Presidential. (Probability: 65%)

And the third option is he kind of lingers in this limbo of die-hard support, job growth, and light treason and we make it to the 2018 elections in one piece. (Probability: 20%.)

Right now we’re at a sweet spot where the GOP can’t get anything done because they put this guy in instead of Jeb Bush. Unfortunately, the honeymoon is wearing off and Congress is going to take Trump (and America) out to the woodshed this summer.


Unfortunately. Some of those people ARE informed. They read the news and believe its biased fake reports.


I know this will be an unpopular position, but let’s look at this pragmatically.

Trump gets kicked, what happens next? Pence. Which is worse.
Pence gets kicked, what happens next? Ryan. Which is worse.

We can’t obstruct the legislature, because that is taking the low road, and legislation needs to happen. We are screwed because the supreme Court is, in a phrase I am coining, being FDR’ed.

The only way we as kind egalitarians will govern is if we restart at the local level, keep snark and sarcasm to a minimum, and work bottom up. While maintaining Trump as POTUS.


Roberts, who I initially thought would be a political tool, has emerged as a thoughtful judge. I don’t always agree with him, but he isn’t an ideologue. That gives me hope.


Hold off until 2018, get Pelosi.


I asked a Trump voter this very question. A “smoking gun” that Trump worked directly with Russia to win the election would do it.


I’ll argue with pelosi all day long–well, except during our tea breaks, I bet she takes it plain, I like a little lemon–but I would support her.

Pence as POTUS gives me shivers.


Yes. There are multiple reasons people support Trump.


Still an upgrade from the nonstop vomiting.


How did you know about that? :sunglasses:


@codinghorror Why does this video start autoplaying? And even before I’ve scrolled to it?

(Reading BBS comments at work I didn’t expect to have Trump blaring out the speakers.)


If only those pesky natives knew their place. They must be demented!


It’s almost like someone was saying someone should else should have been locked up for ages and how that’s the joke.


I vacillate between being glad that Mike “Rush Limbaugh On Decaf” Pence appears to be doing nothing and fear of what he’s probably really working on while no one’s paying attention to him.


Trump approval rating “in the toilet” - Exactly where it belongs.


Jesus, how about a courtesy flush??


“Dump Trump in the Toilet”