Trump approval rating "in the toilet"


Video of him dealing with Russians, and/or raping someone.



As during the campaign, Trump isn’t going to pivot or moderate himself; he’ll continue to play purely to the GOP fascist base.

The only opinion that matters to them is that of their base, because those are the only votes that are going to count. Accelerated voter suppression across the red states will see to that.




FTFY :wink:


The vast majority of people employed by our government deeply believe in their role in that government. Many of those roles are specifically empowered to be checks on others. A CEO/Board doesn’t have a constituent interest but money. The administration are being confronted by the fact that the Presidency does.


Isn’t there a saying about how a republican politician has to be caught either with a dead body or a teenaged boy in order to get in trouble?


“The only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy”. - Edwin Edwards


Oh, I absolutely agree. What I meant is that there are a whole lot of people in government, working on behalf of the people and their department mandate that the realities of governance will just absolutely overwhelm the administration agenda. It’s not that the system can’t be exploited, it’s that they’re so spectacularly bad at it and their leader is the primary reason. This isn’t private enterprise anymore.


shrug I just see the same hyperbolic echo chamber nonsense that brought us Trump in the first place.


I agree, but the analogy was about trump.

Sort of like all those pesky regulations those CEOs have to dance around (for now)?

I would say the constituents would be the people that own shares of the company, and what they expect of the CEO is money. I really don’t think money has a voting interest at shareholder meetings.*

They are, but that does not change that their approach has been to try and run things like a business.

I’d say as an analogy it still works.

*Just saw that could be read two ways, feel free to ignore.


And being the hypocritical moral midget he is he’ll blame anyone and everyone except himself…disgusting little slimer.


As tRump watches his boluses spiral around in the crapper, that could provide us an opportunity to point out the workings of the Coriolis effect, but he doesn’t believe in science, so forget about that.


Yet… 49% of LIKELY VOTERS approve

Edit: It’s Rasmussen whose polls are known to favor Republicans. So… hopefully that’s off.


Rasmussen? lol k

Please don’t cite single polls as evidence of anything as nebulous as “presidential approval” kthx


Americans are stakeholders, not shareholders. That’s a big difference.


:earth_americas: + U+1F93F would work


If this isn’t legit I’m glad. I’ll happily delete it if that’s the consensus.


Rasmussen has a strongly pro-Republican “house effect”.

538 knocks 5% off that number.

And “likely voters” isn’t terribly relevant right now.


I bought my shares (paid taxes) and I expect ROI. The CEO flying around at my expense and warring with the board, the executive management, and the general counsel doesn’t help my confidence in the stock, especially when I hear about the CEO colluding with a competitor.


Yes, Rasmussen has a Republican house effect in their question wording, their polling methodologies, and their ascertainment of likely voter status (ie they don’t just ask if the person voted in the last election.)