Trump asked about busing, announces new plan coming in four weeks

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Coming soon: Trump-branded “luxury” school busses?

I mean it sure seems to read to me like he’s literally talking about bussing as just a means of transportation and this is just another infrastructure project.


This is how Trump approaches every subject. “I’ve never thought about it, and maybe even never heard of it, but here we go anyway.”


Oh hell, if he remembers he might put put some kind of bullshit statement about keeping dangerous criminals from shithole countries away from our precious white babies. Of course, most likely he has already forgotten and is listening to bedtime stories from Uncle Sean.


Ask him a question about anything and he’ll BS his way through it in response. This is what pathological grifters do.


“Huge problem. Big problem. Someone should look into this!” it’s basically his code for “time to get some news cycles churning”. It has it all - controversy, and a lack of specifics to work the talking heads into a lather and make his allies think he’s taking action against something. Then it’s basically forgotten about once the next “Huge Problem” is announced. It’s so fucking transparent now.


I’d say Trump heard they were discussing busing in the primary debate, had absolutely no idea what they were talking about but figured the subject was presidential and that he should have an opinion on it (and he either never asked anyone about it, or he did but didn’t understand what they told him). So, as per usual when he finds himself in that position (almost all the time), he just talks about the subject to the best of his knowledge. Which, in this case, is that there are buses, and they transport students.

So many “classic” Trump tells here:

“I will tell you in about four weeks.”

“I’m hoping everyone will have forgotten about this by then, so I don’t have to do anything more.”

“We’re coming out with a certain policy that’s going to be very interesting…”

“I’m assuming someone on my staff is watching me say this, and as a result will realize they need to come up with a policy. Hopefully they’ll have some idea, unlike me, what the issue is.”

“…and surprising to a lot of people.”

“Well, I’ll be surprised, anyways.”


“Hey, who’s got two thumbs and the best buses?..”


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If you asked this clown a question about the London Underground he’d ramble off for two minutes about the challenge of fighting political dissidents.


Someone could have a lot of fun asking him, on a live interview, what his position is on the Peloponnesian war.

Sort of like the Bowling Green Massacre.


I love it! Someone absolutely MUST do this!


I thought it was inconceivable that someone, let alone the President of the United States, could ever possibly be this unfathomably clueless and dumb.

I am dumbfounded at this man’s level of stupidity, just awestruck and absolutely dumbfounded. Every. Goddamn. Day.


I want royalties for using my gif.

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… at 32’55 in. and eventually 42’53
For anyone that doesn’t want to endure the whole thing.


“Well, the Peloponnesians have always been some of my favorite people; great, great people and they love me, but what’s happening in their country is a shame… President Obama was much too soft on them, it’s really his fault what’s happening there, and Chuck and Nancy too. I mean, I think the whole capital is floating in socialists by now so we’re going to take a different approach, you’ll be very surprised, everyone is going to love it. By the way, have you met my daughter, Ivanka? Beautiful, just beautiful. Such high quality. I’ve always said if she wasn’t my daughter I’d probably marry her.”


This dude probably thinks Roe vs Wade is about boat ownership


Way too coherent.


“We all know there’s better and worse types of underground. For instance, the underground of my beautiful trump tower, that’s a great underground. There’s gold in the dirt you know. Very classy. Very exclusive. Very beautiful underground. London? What does it have? Coal? I mean, coal is great, I’m planning something. A deal with london, for us to send miners over there. Keep the virginians mining coal. Anyway, my uncle, John trump. Very High IQ. I come from a legacy of smart business guys. Look him up. Climate change is a ruse by the chinese to make america less competitive.”


Wait… trump seriously thinks the issue is about whether kids should be forced to ride the bus (as opposed to riding in a car or walking) doesn’t he?


Nailed it…and about that hammer and the velvet glove…WTF?