Trump brags about high approval rating, then immediately blames Mueller for his low approval rating, calling it 'presidential harassment'


oh, you’re delightfully evil, Im using the hell out of that one



side by side


I saw that stealth edit.


why is there no ninja emoji


It would be cultural appropriation?





There is, but it’s invisible.



There is:
(But only other Ninjas can see it.)


Man, after two years of constant bullshit, chaos, corruption, and stupidity, to think that he still has the support of 40-42% is…disheartening.

C’mon Yanks, you didn’t used to like getting conned.


Sounds more like a cool urban sport. :slight_smile:


AIUI, there’s an awful lot of Americans who tune out politics entirely for the time between elections. And a bunch of these people probably vote Republican out of habit, so when asked about the current president, they say they approve of him simply because he’s a Republican.


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