Trump campaign paid $66,000+ to lawyers for Keith Schiller, former longtime bodyguard


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Wasn’t he caught on film committing assault during Trump Rallies? That could certainly generate some legal fees.


Wait…a bodyguard needing legal representation? REALLY?


Where the bodies are buried…

“‘There are only two whisperers in Trump world, as far as I’m concerned,’ one former aide told Politico last November, adding, ‘it’s Keith Schiller and Michael Cohen.’” -TheDailyBeast

“There is no doubt that Keith Schiller knows where all the bodies are buried. Next to Michael Cohen, if Mr. Schiller ever turns state’s evidence, the impact on the president would be catastrophic,” Michael Avenatti


“Those are my lawyers over there, and if you don’t pay, they will mess you up.”


Wonder why he needed legal representation?

Why would anyone close to Trump not need legal representation?


These scumbags get scummier every day.


And this is perfectly normal?



On the other hand…

Talk about jumping to conclusions! Money is paid to a law firm. The firm has a client. The payment must be for this client and not some other client because… ???Profit. I guess there’s no easy way for the media to get a look at their client list, so let’s just have the money be for the only client we know about.


No kidding, It could have been for Sean Hannity.


What sort of shit do these people have going on that they need to lawyer-up like this?


There’s something wonderfully appropriate for the Trumpkins to be represented by a lawyer named “Blaha.”


What is criminal shit, Alex?


I have to wonder how much $$$$ has been used so far and is being used to hold back the dam containing ALL the Trumpian shit out there.


66 thousand times. One could jump to a conclusion about that meaning that substantive representation was likely provided. Or one could jump to change the subject. Whatever floats ones boat.


Hmm Scott Baio is a big trump supporter. Everyone in Trumps orbit seems to exhibit arrested development. Reality that imitates TV seems to please Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear his first name is Bob.


When you, your family and all your associates are constantly spending fortunes in legal fees, something just seems suspicious. Trump had been up to his eyeballs in lawsuits his whole adult life. It’s too bad the trumpkins simply could not see that electing a guy who spends half his life in nefarious legal affairs would not be a good choice for President. Draining the swamp indeed… the wisdom of the Amerikan people knows no bounds.


On the other hand, did we ever hear of any of Obama’s security needing legal representation?



Don’t get me wrong…the idea that a Bodyguard gets into legal trouble is not news/noteworthy or a shocker in any way.

HOWEVER…the notion that the campaign paid for the legal fees is…uh. Well @Melz2 put it perfectly…that is NOT normal.