Trump cancels campaign events: is he sick or is he sad?


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And according to that letter all his test results were “positive.” So by his own admission he has all the diseases.


All the best diseases. Fabulous diseases. These diseases, you’re gonna love them.


Skip the glad-handing with the unwashed masses, but still go to the “rich people give me money” meetings? I don’t know, maybe this guy isn’t as stupid as he definitely, absolutely is looks!


If he goes missing, check the Appalachian Trail.



I’ve been saying this for years, but the media refuses to quote me. Sad!


No big deal, reprogramming a legacy device will just take a few days.


Perhaps he depressed over the things he’s learned during the post-primary debriefing. Things I imagine would send any presidential hopeful into a state of ennui, no matter how hard-hearted.

Unless perhaps, you’re Dick Cheney.


I think Trump will resign his candidacy before the election if he thinks he’ll lose. He’ll blame the political establishment and describe conspiracies in place to keep him from winning.

On the other hand, he spent a lot of money on this campaign and someone’s gotta reimburse him. Thus the fund raisers.


¿Por qué no los dos?


I think his campaign knows that at this point the only way he can win is by finding some way to bring Hillary down (of course, they probably always knew that, but now it’s more dire), hence the demands for a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton’s tenure at the State Dept. (wonder if Ken Starr is busy.) His stump speeches to packed houses of fawning fans is just “preaching to the converted”-- he’s got their votes already, and while it probably fills his egotistical needs, his campaign knows it’s a waste of time and money (he apparently spends more for arena rentals than for his staff payroll.)


He admitted a mistake. Something must be terribly wrong with him.


With any other candidate, the first inclination would be to chalk it up to strategy – shifting energy and spending to states that are in play, and away from those that are either locked up or out of reach. But at this point, with Clinton working to turn formerly solid red states blue (including CO), that can’t be what’s going on, can it?

There’s also the fact that Trump apparently sees big, enthusiastic rallies as evidence that he’s doing great and gonna win if “they” don’t steal the election. Could it be that the new campaign brain trust has convinced him that it isn’t so, and that what he really needs to do is focus on fundraising and wooing undecided voters rather than basking in cheers and creepy chants? Naaaaah…


“Amid continued weak polling…”

Says who?

Sure, sure, it’s been done to death; but the look on her face at ~ 0:22 when when she delivers the final “all of them” still makes me giggle every time I watch it.

More relevant to the overall post, I think the rash of cancellations is what happens when you realize your “policy” is unworkable and you need to soften it to keep your long con going.


He’s probably free this week.


"Where have I been? Why don’t you ask crooked Hillary where I have been? She’s been harvesting my vital bodily fluids trying to cure herself of whatever horrible disease it is that she has.

My fluids are the best and she knows it!

She’s dyin’, folks. I’m tellin’ ya she’s dyin’."


What if “Trump Rallies” are really just 2016’s Rocky Horror and all the attendees are just there in “patriot” drag yelling “build the wall” and “lock her up” just because they think it’s kinda’ fun?


Since most of Trump’s attacks on Clinton seem like projection, his attacks on her health makes me think he has problems of his own.


The irony is that he and his gang have been questioning Hillary’s health even though he thinks looking like a stale cheeto that was found under a kitchen table with a big clump of yellow cat hair stuck to the end of it looks healthy.