Trump claims, without evidence, that he is "extremely happy"


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That’s always been the paradox of Trump and people like him for me. Imagine being that unfathomably wealthy, married to the imported model of your choice, your name on skyscrapers, literally able to do anything you want to with the last few decades of your life, and still being a bottomless maw of misery that no amount of attention or wealth or power can satiate.

He’d be a pitiable figure if not for, well, you know.



There’s been no evidence for any of his other claims so why should this be different?


I don’t pity him. He made himself the way he is on purpose.

Therapy was never beyond his means.


Oh, please don’t mistake me, I don’t either. That’s what I was getting at: he’d be pitiable, if not for everything else about him.


He won’t be happy until he sees his enemies driven before him, and that’s pretty much everybody at this point.


White House pharmacy is open for business.


Indeed, the truth is usually the very opposite of his claims.
I, for one, am very happy that he is not.


“There are more people working in the United States now than ever before.”


There are also more people dead now than ever before, and every day I am the oldest I’ve ever been-- I blame Trump.


He’s basically Charles Foster Kane, but without ever having had a sled.


He doesn’t, though; it’s clear that he’s a thoroughly miserable shit.



We have no proof he’s “unfathomably wealthy”. Might change if his tax returns finally get pried loose.


Let’s just say he’s rich enough, his daddy made a lot of money for him.


Flying around in my own 757 with my name painted on the side is unfathomable to me


Think about what he wants to do though, right?

Stay at the hotel in exotic locales.
Eat at McD’s.
Cheat at golf.
Belittle employees.
Skip out on taxes and bills for services rendered.
Prestige fuck porn stars.
Suck Putin’s dick.
Talk shit through a microphone.
Have other people fire people.

Would these things make you happy?
Would they anyone?


It will be interesting to see the movies made of Toad Stool’s life, once he’s gone. That is if civilization still exists.


If ignorance is bliss, this chucklehead is among the happiest people on the planet.