Trump cranks up the crazy to 11 in this ABC interview. Highlights and full transcript

What’s strange to me (and I’ve been thinking about this since the election) is that a liberal web site I often visit, Daily Kos, had a graph showing consolidated national poll numbers for the last, what, 2-3 months prior to the election. HRC never got below 80%, IIRC.

You can see a screenshot via the Wayback Machine here, from November 7, 2016:

It shows Clinton’s chance of winning at 87% and a 65% chance of Democrats taking over the Senate.

WTF happened? How could the polls be so wrong? And what national poll numbers should anyone trust going forward, given that they got it so wrong?


People keep asking. But it’s not a conspiracy theory. Russia+tRump=Subversion of Democracy.


Dead people on the voter rolls!

This is the dumbest charge of them all.

Of course there are dead people on the voter rolls. Because sometimes people die. What, do people think as soon as you flatline your name is erased from the voter rolls? Your registration is automatically expunged as you take your last breath?

Plenty of dead people have driver’s licenses too, but that doesn’t mean they’re behind the wheel.


It’s hard to get families to take the keys away from grandpa, let alone if the keys were given to grandpa by tens of millions of people. You have presumably sane people such as Paul Ryan and Sean Spicer all willing to blatantly lie to cover for Trump’s insane ramblings. I very much fear that things like the psychology of commitment, motivated reasoning (cognitive dissonance), the sunk cost fallacy and many more will all lead to people standing by Trump no matter what he does.


This is what I don’t like about chance-of-winning polls. So HRC had an 87% chance (or whatever) of winning. That doesn’t mean she’ll win. In those polls, Trump had a greater than 0% chance of winning, and he won. So I guess he proved the polls right. They said he had a chance of winning, and he won.

(Edited to make the sentence coherent. Oops.)


Also, what the hell, he has framed photos of his inauguration on the walls already?? How much longer until the giant bronze statue is erected on the front lawn of the White House?


Alien archaeologists a few million years in the future discover:


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Funny how the Democrats managed to put 3 to 5 million fake voters on the rolls, but failed to put just 77K of those in the swing states needed to flip the election result.

We need to stop treating Trump statements as being simply lies. They’re the things that would be need to true to justify what he intends to do next.

Trump is telling us he intends to fuck with the electoral system to consolidate his power.


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Makes me wonder if Kellyanne Conway had found a message which Trump could deliver which would discourage his supporters from responding to automated polls.


Humans are more important than money.

Corruption isn’t good for America. Ask any historian.


One million years in the past. “No, make the hands bigger. I said bigger!. Bigger. I have the best hands. Everybody loves my hands. They are the biggest!

The rest of the statue is only 15 feet high at the shoulders.


The duty of a republic is to enact the will of the people. Just like a democracy. A democratic republic should be closer to what the people want than the president losing the popular vote by 1% of the entire population.

And not even most of the population voted.

He’s illegitimate.


Wall street sees a chance for massive short term profiteering as Trump seeks to undo every market regulation he can, creating the conditions for the biggest bubble in US history and the next Great Depression when the market collapses on itself.


Falling currency values tend to do that, qv Brexit, the tanking Pound and the booming FTSE.


I am here to help.


Kids born on U.S. soil are natural-born citizens regardless of their parents’ immigration status. The DREAM Act covers children brought here before they were 16, who have been here for at least five continuous years, have a high school degree or GED, and no criminal record. Plus some other requirements.


My goodness. I can handle political differences, but I’d like to be able to at least have a modicum of respect for the opposite side. Turmp is obviously suffering from mental illness.


Exactly. Who is “they”?