Trump demands that Jewish Americans agree with him

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Sebastian Gorka, that champion of Jewish people… /s

Of course Biff would choose him to discuss his views on the “little guys with yarmulkes” (whom he trusts with his money more than Black guys).


Ah yes, the old “self-hating Jew” trope. Proving yet again Trump hasn’t had an original thought in his life.

In Trump’s world, Jewish people are a single monolith whose groupthink allows for nothing more than blind fealty to Israeli leadership, and any dissenting thoughts or criticism means you’re not a “real” Jew. Yet again he’s just projecting his own MAGA cult groupthink on the entirety of Jewish people who are not a monolith, and where it’s perfectly reasonable to be critical of Israel’s war on Hamas without being anti-Israel, self-hating, or antisemitic.


Slightly off topic but I’m curious - I’m not familiar with my KKK iconography. In the AI generated photo, looking at some of the hats - a few of them are pretty weird looking. Kinda looks like there are WW2 soldier helmets underneath them, and some look like teletubbies squeezed into an human-sized, opaque condom. Is this just the weird outcomes of AI art or did some of them actually look like that?


You’ll recall that Bibi’s son went to Budapest and thanked Orbán’s mates for the strong stance against antisemitism taken by Miklós Horthy’s governments.


I am not a follower of Judaism, but I have friends who are…

I also have friends who claim Jewish heritage yet have no allegiance to the government of Israel and are appalled by Israeli Defense Force tactics in Gaza.

So, if Maus is to the Holocaust, then what will be to Gaza?

Perhaps, we will never know because there would be no surviving prisoners to tell the story.


Modern fascists are working with a fun house mirror version of history as usual, where Miklos Horthy is portrayed as standing up to Hitler regarding Hungary’s Jews. This complements Netanyahu’s view of such matters.


@blogdiva there’s an element of far right@blogdiva there’s an element of far right evangelical Christianity that believes that all the Jews need to be sent to the Israel of “biblical borders” at which point they can be nuked to bring about the return of Jesus and the last judgment. Then all of their enemies will be cast into the pit.
Of course, the fact that the majority of American Jews are critical of Bibi’s fascist agenda means that a lot of Jews are “antisemites” if they don’t adhere to the Christian view of what Jews are for.

I’m scared. Honestly.

@ShiitakeToast @blogdiva We’ve been trying for ages to explain to people that much of the “Religious Right” is literal apocalypse cultists trying to fulfill the prophecies to trigger the End Times, that this is a major driver of US–Israel politics, that it’s lurking behind all sorts of things like “let it burn” climate change politics, and we rarely find much success. Those notions of white Christian innocence are hard to get past.


No, those are just run-of-the-mill Teletubbies.


Which of course is just an extension of the antisemitic trope that Jewish people can never be patriotic citizens of any other country.

So by this hateful logic if they don’t support Israel in all matters then they aren’t truly Jewish and if they do then they aren’t truly American (or Canadian or English or French or whatever).


Trump sure has an… interesting way of reaching out to voters who were on the fence about him.


Israel will be destroyed

is is journalistic malpractice to not uncover what that meant.


No true scotsman would go on Sebastian Gorkas show in the first place.


i don’t know how we’re meant to know this, if we don’t know how the art is actual produced? :woman_shrugging: We don’t know the code used to write the AI and we don’t know the inputs. So, we can’t really know that either way.


As one of my Jewish wife’s relatives once commented about the racist ‘Jews have banded together to control ______’, “That’s never going to happen. We have a saying, ‘Two Jews, three opinions’. We can’t even agree on where to go for lunch.”


Yes, when I want to know what Jewish people think, I always ask a fcuking NAZI!


The 77th Latke-Hamantash Debate is this Sunday, and there is a live feed you can sign up for:

(You’re wrong: it’s latkes!)


I think he’s quoting 'Two Corinthians“.


The Latke-Hamantash Debate is about which is the better food?


(drat, now I have to listen in and find out… mb the 76th is up on the utoobs?)

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