Trump warns American Jews to appreciate him more

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He’s been spouting this stuff for some time now.


Does he seriously think that all American Jews are actually just Israeli expats? Or does he think that all Jews just worship Israel like it’s the Jewish version of Jesus?

Either way, he is antisemitic as fuck.



The usual Nazi gangsterism from this grifting thug. “Nice tolerant country you Jews have here. Real shame if something happened to it.”

There are few idiots more useful to American fascists than Jewish voters who supported Biff because he supported Likud (as distinct from Israel), and few kapos more despicable than those Jews (e.g. Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller, Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager, etc.) who actively collaborate with the MAGA/America First movement.


Indeed, though Trump is definitely one of the people who might happen to America?


Before it’s too late…for what, exactly?
Yeesh, how foreboding. :grimacing:


He believes the Millenia-old trope that Jewish people cannot be loyal citizens of any secular country.


Too late to escape what he threatens/promises to make a “Christian nation”. As with the evangelical Xtianists he praises, he’d prefer it if all Jews in the U.S. permanently left for Israel now.

A trope he no doubt picked up as a child from his dad, who hung out with the local KKK chapter.


It’s an antisemitic accusation dating back to the middle ages, if not even earlier - that Jews’ primary loyalties are with other Jews (and more recently, to Israel) over than the rulers of the country they live in. Over centuries, “Dual loyalty” and other slanders like the Jewish blood libel fueled pogroms, mass-expulsions, and the Holocaust.

So yes, he’s being antisemitic as fuck.


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wonderful Evangelicals”???

Ain’t nothing wonderful about them. They want the world to come to an end so they can go to paradise and everyone they hate can suffer for eternity.

And anyway, since when do non-Jews have any right to tell Jews what they should or shouldn’t do?


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Almost the only drive-by Trump demo – big pick-up trucks, lots of flags – that I saw in New York City during the run-up to the election was apparently spearheaded by Jews for Trump, a group that I believe is based in New Jersey. The rather small convoy charged in through the Holland Tunnel, did a quick thunder run up the FDR Drive, and then disappeared the way they had come. I remember seeing one of my Jewish neighbors welcome them to our part of town with the traditional raised middle finger, which suggested that – as the former president has himself lamented – there’s a certain lack of enthusiasm for Your Favorite President on the part of some of the Chosen People.

Presumably Jews for Trump represent how Trump believes that American Jews should feel, while my (mostly) left-leaning neighbors are the ingrates who cause him such pain by refusing to recognize everything he’s done for them.




This is what Evangelicals tell him, so probably so. For a huge swatch of Evangelicals, American Jews are simply Israelis who haven’t gone back yet. Once they do, the prophecy will be fulfilled and the end time can commence.


I am interested in hearing what his “or what” is. I am guessing something “final solution-y”, he just doesn’t want to say so - yet.


At a fundamental level, he believes that by and large individuals do not have agency and should follow their leaders. Since he believes that the “leaders” of the Jews are in Israel, he thinks that American Jews should do what the Israelis want them to. He really can’t handle complicated groups of people, so reduces everything down to personal relations between him and individual leaders. Americans should be loyal to him, and Jews should do Netanyahu’s bidding. It’s like his comment about “They’re not sending their best.” South American countries aren’t “sending” migrants to the US. Individuals are trying to escape endemic poverty, repression, and violence in their homeland. They’re hardly being “sent” by their governments. But he can’t conceptually handle anything more complicated than one on one negotiations. In his mind, little people are capable of little more than obeying. If they make their own decisions, than they are disloyal.


American white supremacists also see Israel as the model ethnostate that shows that in the modern world the US can be a white ethnostate by using them as the cultural model.