Trump fires Secty. of State Rex Tillerson in a tweet, plans to replace with CIA chief Mike Pompeo


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Isn’t the CIA one of those organizations promoting the crazy far-left theory that Russia meddled in the 2016 election?



— Benjy Sarlin (@BenjySarlin) March 13, 2018



Totally unrelated. Moose and squirrel!! Fake News!


I need to subscribe to my boss’s twitter. I may not even need to be at the office today.


No Comoosion!


So how Crazy/Stupid is Pompeo?

On the one hand I don’t recall hearing a lot about his crazy stupidity.
On the other he was a Republican House Rep from Kansas.
On the first foot he had a kind of ordinary military-industrial-complex career, so maybe he is just getting rich.
On the second foot Trump likes him.




Unlike a few in the White House, amiright?


I think it best we compare this administration to members of the Wacky Races.

I would compare Pompeo to Snidely Whiplash.


This is Republicans closing ranks, because Mueller was getting too close. We will see what happens next. We need Democratic congress ASAP. Make him release those tax returns!


tRump finally figured out that the “moron” Rex was referring to was him.


Or imploding. I think it’s imploding. Gradually coalescing into hard bitter nut of incompetence.






And now he’s the Secretary of Deep State.




Pointless. Unlike the rest of us, Trump’s tax returns are boring because he has very little income and no debt. The corporations he owns might have both (or just debt and no income) but his personal returns won’t show any of that.

Start demanding that he, and the private corporations he controls, receive a full public audit and we might get somewhere. At this point, though, we really should be focussed on reforms that keep candidates off the ballot without a recent audit on record.


I say start with the returns. There’s got to be something in there, a write-off, some little thing in there that is a chink in the armor. THEN, definitely the full, retrospective audit. I totally agree. But start with those pesky tax returns! Then ooh-ahh over the minutiae and go for the jugular with a full audit.