Trump "frantic" as lawsuits fail and hopes for legislative coup dim

Yep. Also, this “dumb coup,” no matter how ineffective, has done serious damage to the country, that will show itself in other ways too, as per @gracchus 's link above. The trust in, and expectation of relying on, democratic processes has been eroded, and a bunch of Republicans have realized, “Yeah, actually, I’m fine with a dictatorship.”

Alternatively: acting like shit is on fire is appropriate, because it is.


Good thing he isn’t a taxpayer!


Any coup relies on help from others, you cant do it alone. In other countries its the military, here its state lawmakers. I like to think that these guys are really just tired of Trumps BS and secretly want someone (anyone) competent at the helm. Theyre all looking at COVID spikes and see Trump doing nothing to help. Trump is a con and you cant con your way out of an epidemic.


Next Monday will be a special day:

The senior lawmakers gave Murphy until Monday to provide the briefing. They warned in a letter sent to her Thursday that depending on the information provided in the briefing, she — along with her deputy, chief of staff and general counsel — might have to take part in a public hearing to explain themselves.

Democrats Demand Briefing From GSA Chief on Biden Transition Delays : Biden Transition Updates : NPR


Why will she cooperate any more than any other 45* minion has so far?


There’s “cooperating” (which should never assume honesty and fairness) or being hit with a full court press with all the facts (including the latest Trump losses). To answer you question, though: Fear (assuming she’s smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall.)


At what point does a democracy oust and exile decidedly anti-democracy parties from the political process? Won’t this just keep happening every election cycle now?


The Trump administration actually tried to claim that his meeting with those legislators had nothing to do with the election. I suspect even his most devoted cultists didn’t buy that one.


Great question. I wish the U.S. in general had an answer.

Won’t this just keep happening every election cycle now?

I can’t see Biden doing this if he loses (assuming he even runs again, which I think he’s said he won’t).


Maybe Trump will move to Avignon and establish a second Presidency.


Well, I have no doubt that next year, he’ll continue claiming he’s the real president, and that millions will believe him.


Which is, of course, now proven to be a lie, because Donnie can’t keep a secret for more than five minutes.

And this is why I do not trust these two GOP leaders, despite their reassurances. Because they’ve already lied about what the meeting covered, and Trump outed them himself. And if they had shut him down in that meeting, he would have been raging afterwards and calling them RINO’S.

There are few in the GOP I trust any more, and certainly no one holding elected office. So I’ll be watching Michigan closely on Monday to see what happens, but I fully expect both GOP reps on the state certification board to suddenly want to hold things up.


Did I post this before?

Trump “frantic”

"When tyrants tremble sick with fear
And hear their death knell ringing
When friends rejoice both far and near
How can I keep from singing?"

Pete Seeger cover:


Still kicking. When Joe’s dogs move into the White House I’ll believe it


Ugh because of course they only have a problem with Detroit votes.


I didn’t realize there was a Pete Seeger version! I remember the Enya version:

Also, against the back drop of 1991, that puts me in mind of how very different the world was then, and how much hope we had as the oppressive communist states across the world fell and new possibilities were opened up for people living in under those governments. How we’ve mucked up our opportunity to improve the world we all live in.


Trump is continuing to do his master’s bidding. His whole utility for Putin was to undermine internal faith in US democracy, and external respect for the US as a whole. He has done that ‘admirably’, and continues to do it until the very end.

He loses his utility when he stops undermining US democracy and global power. If he does go on to become a regular on OANN and Trump tv etc. whining about the election being stolen, his utility will continue.


This scares the hell out of me.


My Take: At the meeting, Trump just listens and doesn’t say a word. After that same meeting, out in the hallway, with Trump absent, a “broker” circumspectly (in double-speak for deniability) offers favors to the lawmakers, and throws in some carefully veiled threats.


Finally found the silver lining. For the past 4 years I’ve been upset about the president being woefully incompetent and not understanding the basics of how the federal government works. At the moment I’m damn glad he’s an incompetent fool that doesn’t understand how the government works