Trump "furious" after sparsely-attended Tulsa rally

If stupidity was rocket fuel, that stadium contained enough of it to send astronauts to Alpha Centauri and back! They didn’t keep distance at all, not even to fake a bigger area occupied (you know, me on a seat, jacket and bag on the next one), a move every PR office worth its name would have thought immediately using safety as a pretext. Agent Orange and his audience totally deserve each other.


The images and photos of the convention aren’t usable for other propaganda and convince other people that these convention are a success.
In most case if the organizers find that an event isn’t attracting a lot of people they either choose a smaller location or leave a part of it purposely empty and all the photos will be mad in the crowded place.

actual crowd (where one can clearly see people going to take the underground, making photos with pigeons and buying ice creams, and don’t listen to the speech.


yeah, requiring a $1 campaign contribution for attendance would do much to eliminate this and dampen attendance by people interested only a little bit.


It’s remarkable how many MAGAs are now telling stories of their cousins, uncles, girlfriends from two towns over, etc. who were all set to go to this rally but cancelled at the last minute because the LameStream Media scared them with stories of mob violence.

It’s funny, but I wonder if this is a preview of the kind of excuses we may be hearing in November, as a justification for ignoring election results?


of all of these methods, the only one with potential (in my opinion) is charging some amount when making the reservation, but it has to be more than a symbolic amount, say 20 to 30 dollars. They could then give a coupon for that value to be spent on the day and on the venue on food, merchandising, etc

the other methods you propose are good to deter automated bots, but if a group of people make a combined effort they will go past the registration and manual email verification


It also got him bragging about his terrific numbers-millions of attendees, even during a pandemic-leaving him looking foolish when he had such a poor showing.


Can anyone here NOT think of at least 50 times that this look on his face might have made us feel slightly better about the man?


So you’re saying a massive disincentive to sign up for a rally even as one of the party faithful?


Tulsa gets no respect. I grew up there. It was a quirky place and probably why I feel so comfortable in Austin. Sure, it had an ugly past (erm, who didn’t?). I went to a High School that was desegregated more or less by default. Busing was only used to get kids to school. And then we moved to north Dallas (if you went ANY farther north, you’d have been in Farmers Branch) and I went to WT White HS. And it was. Any people of color had to be imported from the periphery. And while I’m here, did you know that Tulsa is an international seaport? Think of where Tulsa is on a map and wonder. They spent most all of my childhood dredging up to Arkansas River to make this a thing. Port of Catoosa if you’re interested.


Thanks for the links, even if they went to twitter. :wink:

Interesting angle. Personally, I would assume that they have a versioning system, but then, I am completely underwhelmed every time I assume some databases would look like databases should.

I mean, even the ECDC first put MS Excel spreadsheets on the web when the pandemic started, and not only that: they changed the bloody spreadsheet every now an then and made scripting your own graphs from that hell.

Also, I personally cleaned up “databases” which ended up being published in Nature, EcolLetters, PNAS and the likes which where just that: spreadsheets. That’s the top research crew. And I don’t have to remind everyone of that famous Reinhart-Rogoff spreadsheet blunder.

So. No SVN and git, then?



I wasn’t proposing a perfect strategy, just making suggestion to future disrupters about what the ⊥rump campaign’s next move might look like.

I’m confident more agile minds than my own are already working on this :+1:

I hope so. A $1 charge isn’t going to be the thing to stop it, as @gomezlopez_javier notes above , but maybe the business of creating an account, verifying it, adding a payment method, etc. might be onerous enough to keep the typical MAGA-hat-wearing, spittle-screaming, wannabe-Nuremberg-rally-attendee from following through.


Maybe exceppt every PR firm wasn’t working with 45 whose entire gamut lately has been “the virus is a hoax”. There’s no way his campaign was ever going to be able to claim they decided to social distance at that rally. He took that option off the plate long ago.


Trump looks so sad there that I want to put my arm around him; pull him in close and tell him, “Burn in hell, loser”.


Michael Cohen

Steve Bannon

Kellyann Conway

Michael Flynn

Roger Fucking Stone.

I don’t believe that you are correct about:

I think there were a lot of people in the early Trump administration who wanted to serve the country and tried their best to manage this guy

This was the Shitheel Express from leaving the station.


You think Nostradumbass is the only narcissist in that camp?

It’s a helluva drug.


Neither Michael Cohen nor Roger Stone were ever a part of the administration. But, I agree with your point nonetheless.

Considering that Trump only hires the best people do think that SVN or Git was used? Or even considered?


I wonder if, after ⊥rump’s flop in Tulsa, there is a move for Biden in Oklahoma…

An outdoor venue, require masks, make provisions for social distancing, keep it short.

Maybe hit several venues in the 5th congressional district (Oklahoma’s sole Democrat at the federal level is Kendra Horn) in quick succession.

They could even be held more or less concurrently, with Biden proxies doing the talking at most of them. Bernie won the Democratic primary in Oklahoma in 2016. Elizabeth Warren was born in OKC and attended high school not a mile from where I’m sitting right now.

Oklahoma is going to vote Republican in the general election. As @QuickBrownFox notes above, it’s one of the most reliably Republican states in the nation.

But there might be some intimidation value in it for the Biden campaign to come show up ⊥rump in Oklahoma, of all places.


In the full video of him walking across the lawn, it’s painfully obvious that he’s trying his damnedest not to cry in front of the cameras. Watching it will easily exceed your daily recommended value of schadenfreude.


I wish this were a glorious future where that clip could be looped and put on a birthday cake. And to steal from South Park, we could eat his sadness. Yummy in my tummy!