Trump gets booed at Davos for calling the press nasty, vicious, mean, and fake


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This is why he generally only speaks to the stockholm syndromed press and his supporters.


Fake News. Those were not “boos”. They were chanting, “Trooooomp”. They love him.


"which Sarah Huckabee Sanders will later describe as "enthusiastic applause"
SHS wouldn’t know the truth if it walked into the WH briefing room and fixed her make-up.






To this day it boggles my mind how we elected a President with such a poor basic grasp of the human language, speaking deficiencies, and lack of professional decorum.

Even If I was 100% aligned with his political preferences, I would still be saying, “Yeah, but Ted Cruz argued in front of the Supreme Court …?”

Gah, I literally can’t stand to hear the leader of my country speak for more than 2 minutes, it’s physically painful, like those bad completely staged reality shows from about a decade agOMGITALLMAKESSENSENOW


At Davos, it was probably people who owned the media.


Your comment brings to mind the pejorative comment about “Lipstick on a pig”.


They were just booing him because he’s not really a billionaire like the rest of them.


You’re stronger than I am. I can’t get past 5 secs before I hit the mute button.


Well, he owes the russian mafia like, a billion dollars, so he has that going for him.


I frequently think the exact same thing. He is the buffooniest of buffoons. I can’t believe he’s the President.


That was, that was it?! I watched the short video, thought there must be something missing so I skipped through to the same section and that’s really the boos? It was underwhelming. Maybe the kind of event at Davos doesn’t lend itself to more but seriously Donald Trump deserves all of the boos, all of the time.


Nice White House you have there - you wouldn’t want anything to happen to it.


Finally, the President is chief citizen. This means the President should represent all of the people of the United States.

Merriam Webster dictionary:

Definition of represent
: to serve as a specimen, example, or instance of


Don’t be ridiculous; mere makeup won’t fix what’s wrong with Insincere Sarah;
her lack of versimiltiude goes bone deep.

Furthermore, her lies would be no less insulting and damaging if they were coming from a pretty face; there are plenty of ‘conventionally attractive’ useful idiots out there parroting the false narrative of 45:


You know what’s the interesting point about this?

The whole neo-fascist, tea-party, neo-conservative, neo-liberal thing has one basic assumption: those who “ruled” (i.e., governed) before them do/did not represent the will of the people.

That said, exactly the same with the old lefties. And most of the new. Just have a look at the Corbynites and the NoGroKo-Discussion. Malcontents with the current level of representation everywhere.

The difference may be that the lefties are unhappy with representation in democracy, while the righties* are unhappy with representative democracy.



In contrast, when he spoke in front of the creme-de-la-creme of the neoliberal consensus he didn’t go off-script once in a speech designed by his writers to let them know that all the America First stuff he sells to the rubes is empty BS.