Trump Hotel employee guide: no swearing, no sexually suggestive gestures, and DO NOT hire your family!


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This is the Drumpf version of Russel’s Paradox; it’s his company, but the rules of his company exclude him from being part of that company.


Ya don’t say.


Wait a minute, are you telling us that this guy is a hypocrite in addition to a nepotistic sleazebag?


Of course he’s those things, but “in a good way.”


Watch for the phrase “that’s different” coming from the White House or its defenders.


Yeah, sadly, the White House is not monitored or regulated to the degree that the Vegas hotel & casino business is.


Well drumph is nothing if not consistent in his belief that rules are important for everyone other than him and his designates.


This one weird trick will keep patrons loyal to your business (Does not work on voters!)


Those who can’t get hired at their own casinos, become president.


This is the handbook to pretty much every company in the U.S. This is just saying “did you know that sexual harassment is against company policies at Trump Hotel?? But Trump is a serial harasser???” This is not even interesting.

Yes, I realize I’m being no fun at all.


See? Trump isn’t racist - he might even know this document exists!


The first rule of Trump:
if you’re not the Trump, don’t be like the Trump.


True, and it highlights the problem that once you have enough capital, you can sit back and let your little “machine” send you big payouts without ever having to put anything back in. No experience necessary! Just hire managers to do your bidding and skim off the top.

It’s one thing if you work very hard to make this happen for you, yes a very clever guy. However our grifter-in-chief had his capital handed to him on a silver platter.

Not super interesting, but a good talking point of you ask me



Knowing what’s in it would involve reading, so he probably doesn’t.


In Trump Land…if you can’t hire family then isn’t the rule about sexually suggestive gestures redundant? :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


“No collusion.”

It says it right there in the handbook.


TIHLV? Sounds like some sort of nasty disease.


That’s reserved for the man with his name on the sign.