Trump: "I was always the best athlete"


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Awful lot of people wishing he hadn’t run now…



Oh, look, its mouth is moving so naturally it’s lying. Orange Shitler ran as a Reform Party candidate in 2000 and got a whopping 15,000 votes. Remember when voters were at least sane?


god, he is SUCH a shithole.


His record as a world-class athlete is even more impressive when you consider he was physically disqualified from serving in Vietnam due to bone spurs. An inspiration to us all!





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Somebody should dare him to run a lap in a stadium. Maybe we´re lucky and he has a heart attack after 20 meters.


Where are his trophies and medals?


AND he ran as a Republican in 2012. Didn’t make the first cut.


Not sure if he’s getting senile or he’s just an idiot or both. Both, right?


He has the speech pattern of a seven year old. And that’s being VERY generous.


(UoM alum here) Gerald Ford comes to mind as “more” – just sayin’.

To be fair, Trump was a good ball player in prep school. It’s a real shame the Vietnam draft came along and ruined his athleticism. (And in light of Dolt 45’s recent “shithole” remarks, read the “college and law school” section of the above wikipedia article for Ford’s athletic stance regarding his friend Willis Ward…)


Technically he never ran, but he publicly talked about it, pollsters asked Republicans if they would vote for him, and he spent the entire year and the year before pushing the Birther conspiracy, so next worst thing to him officially running.


Ah! What I recall is Jon Stewart begging him to stay in that race. For the comedic value. I guess the joke is now on us.


It’s a shame that New York’s finest athlete was prevented from serving in the military by something as simple as a bone spur.


I’m of the school of thought that he never really expected to win, that it was just a publicity stunt that went way too far. He looked stupefied when he gave his acceptance speech. If you think about it that meant he was willing to accept the GOP nomination expecting to lose to Hillary.


With his McDonald’s and KFC heavy diet, supplemented with coke, we can only hope.


Ooh, “dolt-45” I’m stealing that one.