Trump is mad that Michelle Obama called him out for being a birther


And armed the Indonesian genocide of East Timor, and began the US support for the Mujahideen.

None of those were good things.

Should be cued to Bush.


One of my favorite reads.


Calling Obama a Kenyan, and secret Muslim* to boot, was just way to ease his racist butthurt over a black President while wearing a tiny fig-leaf over his naked mushroom racism.

 * and being Islamophobic isn’t racist because Islam isn’t a race. /s


No worries. Everything will be perfectly safe soon.


I think the Occam’s Razor for “Trump acts like an asshole” is not “he likes fucking with people” but rather “he’s an asshole”.


Be sure to point out to the ass-hat that’s going to say “But WWII has the MOST” that it’s the area under the curve that matters. When you put it THAT way, kicking Hitler’s ass was a bargain basement deal.


placed and left in front of a bank of televisions tuned to reputable news organizations…


“you and you and you”…

I like how some Austrian children’s phrase is what comes into his head to retort.

Farewell, goodbye, auf wiedersehen.


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