Trump is not only a moron – Rex Tillerson also says he is 'undisciplined,' 'doesn't like to read' and tries to break the law




i read once that the intestinal tract has more nerve cells than any other part of the body. the author went on to ask the rhetorical question “what are all those nerve cells thinking?”

with 45 we have someone not just willing but determined to tell us what those nerve cells are thinking through the medium of twitter.


so his gut tells him when it’s time to go to use the loo… thats not special nor magic, donald, thats just digestion.



Pfft. As long as his gut keeps telling him to load it up with KFC buckets, I would not be so confident in what his gut says, either.


No, Conservatives are not the only ones. However, I do believe a much larger percentage of them do behave like this. Another example would be the denial of scientific fact. Conservatives, Trump supporters and charismatic / Pentacostal / etc Christians are much more likely to deny scientific fact. However, there are a fair number of Liberal anti-vaxxers spouting ridiculous things. Both sides have people who believe with their gut than actually do the research and try to make a decision based on facts. You can find a full-fledged accounting and history of American delusionism in Kurt Andersen’s book Fantasyland. Are the Antifa sometimes idiots? Yes. Are white supremacist neo-Nazis always idiots? Yes.


Yeah, the ultimate difference between the left and the right on this is that the crazy kook leftists are pretty much marginalized, whereas on the right they’re running the Republican party.


And this is the absolute truth. Any group sufficiently large will contain some “reality challenged” individuals. The question is, do they get ostracized or elevated. Ours tend to get laughed at, not elected. Proof? How many elected dems are antivax, anti science, anti climate change. Now how many repubs?


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