Trump "jokes" that he will leave country if he loses

Leaving won’t keep him from being prosecuted

Would a GO TRUMP GO bumper sticker or tee-shirt be too ambiguous?

Trump is not getting prosecuted. Even though he has been a disaster for the US, he is still a member of the ruling class, and those guys don’t go to jail.

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The Supreme Court has long been hostile to the idea of “corruption” as a crime.

I’m not sure we want to live in a society where Trump could put Hillary Clinton in jail, but surely there is a way of defining corruption in a non partisan manner?


What state funeral? Who would bother to attend? His kids sure wouldn’t want to pay for a fancy funeral.

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He doesn’t need to go to jail for corruption. He does need to at least go to trial for tax evasion, bank fraud and probably money laundering.


I’m pretty sure he has his eyes on the Resolute Desk.
He’ll be like I’m President it’s mine! With just a little gold plating it would fit right in to one of his towers.

Because you’re popular
And you’re beautiful
The whole world knows your name
But suppose you gave a funeral
And nobody came?

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - Suppose You Gave A Funeral And Nobody Came


Naw, Alaska voted for him. He’ll offer a blue state in exchange.

What we have seen are the assassinations with implausible deniability. Where the point is to send a message that they did it; while at the same time say “No, it was not me.” If Putin wanted to I am sure there could be an entirely plausible death for Trump. Post Covid heart condition exacerbated by Ivanka looking mistress having sex with him?


Still not seeing the angle for Putin here. As far as I can see he has nothing to gain from Trump’s death, and any assassination attempt would carry a non-trivial chance of being exposed (especially since Trump wouldn’t be tying the Intelligence community’s hands on Russia anymore).


The dancers.

I’ve been drinking water since 2016 and really, really have to go…


He could lease some rooms from Meng Wanzhou (her place is actually quite nice, especially compared to the tasteless Trump properties) while they both fight their extradtion-to-the-USA cases.

I do, however, suspect the USA would never allow us to force even a disgraced former president to surrender his passport because he was a flight risk. We’d have to ask him to do so because his presence in Canada would only be because he was fleeing prosecution. Plus, the USA is a “safe third country” for refugees from south of the USA, so that is certainly good enough reason to deny entry DJT. So our political masters will encourage him to move along, should he look like actually touching down here, hopefully through some creative bureaucratic bungling to ensure he slips through the net, (as they should have done with Mme Meng).

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I’m not too sure Meng Wanzhou isn’t content with her situation…she was a long time resident, with as you point out, two comfortable residences in Vancouver. China can turn on even the most favoured on short notice; being required to be in your bug out base might suit her. As I recall, Don Jr. has a bug out property on the B.C. coast which is where I thought (facetiously of course) that Sr. might seek refuge. I might be wrong about Don Jr.'s property, but I don’t want to google it and have to endure weeks of ads for red hats and truck nuts .

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Yeah. Doubt the EU would even bother with sanctions if Russia took this motherfucker out. It’d be like"oh we need a full and thorough investigation into something this serious".

Years later: it’s too long ago to be able to tell really.


And Trump of course is famously loyal to no one. Would be an interesting bit if Putin required Trump’s loyalty.

queue the toilet flush sound effect

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I think the credible threat of harm to Trump is enough to make him want to flee the country. Putin doesn’t have to do anything, other than the occasional dead security guard or whatever. Enough to say, “I can get you if I wanted to”. Trump is a coward to the bone, he’ll spend the rest of his life running if he thinks he’s on Putin’s shit list.

Also, Putin is probably the wealthiest man in the world, with control over national and military resources we can’t even guess at. He can make an assassination look like a credible accident, but even if he doesn’t… who’s going to hold him to account?

We’ve got four years of hardcore evidence of Trump’s crimes, and he just says, “Nuh-uh”, and nothing happens. All Putin has to do is say, “I didn’t have anything to do with it,” and it dies on its ass. You know, like how he said the 2016 hacking was totally from Russian patriots who loved their contry, and were NOT associated with the government.

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Someday, perhaps just a buried paragraph in Pravda telling a story of some old orange face man falling out of a 30 story window in Moscow.