Trump now privately denies authenticity of the Access Hollywood tape


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All dictators (or wannabe dictators, in this case) believe that truth can be dictated.


Actively delusional?

Or going for the big lie?


Why would he not go for big lie?. There are demonstrably no consequences for him.


“Who are you gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes?”


christ what an asshole


Trump has no memory or or belief in what he said 5 minutes ago. So it is absolutely not stretch to imagine that he ACTUALLY BELIEVES that the tape is a fake.


Ah yes, the Shaggy defense, truly a classic.


“Mr. Trump’s responses to the Moore revelations have been pronounced but not consistent.”
They could save some writing time with "Mr. Trump’s responses to XXXX have been pronounced but not consistent. " And just replace XXXX with the latest shitshow.


He needs this to be true to support the narrative he has made about himself, so he believes it true. Even his own personal experience does not overcome the Oxycontin release he gets from successfully accepting the desired narrative.

This is how the republican worldview works in America right now.


It was not accurate - his behavior was much worse.

Waiting for more tapes to be released shortly.


With Trump, I’m not sure there’s a clear distinction between the two. He’s certainly delusional if he thinks this approach makes sense, given that another person was involved. But he now knows his supporters will go along with whatever he says, regardless of whether it contradicts previous statements, making everything even more ambiguous. There’s nothing holding him down to any kind of reality or even an internally-consistent delusion.

People have been suggesting that he is, too - which is why he’s in full-on denial/press-attacking mode about everything right now, preparing his base to disbelieve whatever is about to come out. But given that seems to be his normal reality, and there’s always things that could come out about him, I wonder how much of his recent tweet-storms have just been an indication that he’s had more free time over the holidays.



Mueller Ain’t Going Away.



History tells us that Trump doubles down on his lies, even if they’re verifiably false. Perhaps he thinks that the degree of his conviction will serve as a substitute for veracity; i.e., his supporters think, “Someone who insists that much that he’s innocent surely couldn’t be guilty.” History also tells us that Trump suffers exactly zero consequences for his lies, and, indeed, benefits from them. We’re all fucked.


I also don’t think the “mental health” angle is particularly availing, since it partially absolves Trump of responsibility. He knows exactly what he’s doing and we shouldn’t allow him to escape from the consequences based on speculation of dementia or whatever.


You know, if Trump were to say publicly at a press conference or interview that the Access Hollywood tape was fake, that might be the “Winston Smith” moment for a lot of Republicans who still support him. They saw the tape, the very idea that it’s fake probably never occurred to them, I’m sure they made excuses (“idle locker room talk”) for it when it came out, and Trump himself apologized for it. . . so for him to say publicly that it’s fake would portray Trump to them exactly as the rest of us see him-- delusional and childish.

Of course, a lot of conservatives would still immediately chime in “oh yeah, totally fake”, but not all. Probably a lot would admit Trump was a dolt, and still not care, as long as he’s not a Democrat.


Quelle surprise.


Yes - but they’ll be people who were in those videos who will speak up if they’re released.

More free time - did Ivanka & Jared do Thanksgiving with the in-laws? Some pols have staff that review & approve tweets - If there was ever someone who needed that - it’s Donnie.

But - his ego won’t allow it.


Or they would then switch to; But what about Benghazi or emails or whatever else Clinton or Obama or whoever else they can remember.

Trump didn’t deny the incident back when it was revealed because he got “good ole boy” mileage from it. Now that the media is in a feeding frenzy over sexual abuse trump has decided roy moore has a better tactic…double down on lying about it.