Trump obsessed with Russia probe, rage-dialing GOP over legislation to ban him from firing Mueller


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I wonder if he’s tried rage-bribing yet.


Bribe people by not raging at them?


What a stupid fuckwit. It’s not like the president of the US is congress’s boss. It’s almost like he has no understanding of how the US system works and refuses to learn.


I suspect that politicians curse each other in private anyway.


We can only hope. No, seriously, we can only hope.


It’s fairly awesome to watch the meltdown.


In a sense, but it’s also a little bit like watching the unhinged, untrained captain of the plane you’re flying in start a fistfight with his own copilot. And the in-flight meal is a shit sandwich. And all the flight attendants are angry baboons.




The only way Trump gets out of the Russia scandal is if his kids declare him senile and provide medical records to prove it.

Trump then gets impeached, but then it is a case of proving that people took advantage of someone with dementia (an accusation that Trump would fight tooth and nail to disprove).

Verified senility is his only option.

And he cannot help but play the part perfectly.



“Vote No and I promise I’ll give you the silent treatment.”


I wonder how his real blood pressure is?

High blood pressure and a Russian connection seem to be a deadly combination right now.


would that be grounds for impeachment?


I was wondering what he was talking about by threatening to shut down the government if they didn’t pass his wall funding.

Shutting down the government due to lack of funds because Congress hasn’t passed a budget is dumb but understandable. Shutting down the government over a temper tantrum sounds like grounds for impeachment.


Trump damages his own presidency. 25th Amendment anyone?



Plus being a rage-aholic and whatever stimulants his undoubtedly popping or shooting and you’ve got an explosive situation. And I mean that as in a blood vessel and not in mega-tonnage.


And every time the captain gets really angry he starts to threaten North Korea to crash the plane.

Who knows? His medical results were clearly at least partially made up in his favor (e.g. increasing his height and reducing his weight so he wouldn’t be obese, when he’s clearly obese). So I suspect not that great. I suspect his business life has been pretty cushy and stress-free for a long time, so who knows what the medical impact will be of real stress at this age…

Although also in mega-tonnage.


We’ve seen what happens to his advisors.