Trump offers self-branded plastic straws to mock Liberals

Generally plastic straws are made of polystyrene. Polystyrene is technically recyclable, but nobody does it because it’s both more chemically intensive and wasteful than other plastics, and there’s no good way to separate it from other plastics in the waste stream.


It’s a natural - Trump and straws - they’re both exemplars of sucking.


I wondered that too.

I’m not sure why they would even suggest they are. Isn’t recycling a liberal, hippy, commie affront to Freedom?


Well, when we find them in the belly of a fish, we’ll at least know where they came from.


Last winter the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation announced it wouldn’t be playing Baby It’s Cold Outside anymore and there was a conservative backlash. One person said they were going to go home and listen to it on repeat.

I actually wonder if sometimes people just troll out into the ether and hope that the libs are psychic.


“I’m going to go home and punch myself in the face all night, that’ll show you!”

Yeah, pretty much.


Reusable and BPA free?
What pussies, why not burn up hydrocarbons faster?
They are depriving straw makers of revenue.
And everyone knows about the BPA hoax.
It better be anyway otherwise we’re going to have a problem when we’re exclusively living off canned food in our bunkers.


ok. let’s not over analyze the Nostradumbass supporter. To them everything “plastic” is recyclable. even though we know full well not all plastics are recyclable.

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Interestingly, it IS for a charity: Dollars for Grifters, Rapscallions, A-Holes, and Bullies, or $GRAB for short.


Whistling past the graveyard… The Trump ethos reminds me so much of highschool bros who would wear t-shirts that say “I hate freeloaders” and write papers in civics class about bringing back the electric chair. The impulse to stick a thumb in the eye of people who give a shit is seemingly all it takes to motivate these assholes.


The punch line here will be someone finding Trump straws in the belly of a dead whale on Cape Cod, or a Trump straw among other bits of trash on a nice Hawaiian beach.


Something something, fool and his money…


so I’ve begun asking, what is the nightmare plan, when he wins re-election in 2020?

because it’s 100% plausible this might happen, the republican controlled states can overlook any hacking, the republican supreme court will give him any close contest or state-escalated event like florida v. gore and he’s still winning the electoral college while all the idiotic press and polls continue to focus on popular vote which is meaningless

  1. impeachment will be off the table
  2. RBG will be replaced by some horrible person because there is no way in hell she can survive 5 more years
  3. the senate will still be able to fill federal judges non-stop and give every ruling to trump
  4. the border will be filled with concentration camps with children held for months if not years

this country won’t be recognizable by 2025




Everybody (including, by some accounts, him) was surprised when he won in 2016.

Nobody should be surprised when he is re-elected in 2020.

One term presidents are the exception. It takes extraordinary circumstances for a sitting president to not be re-elected.

We may already have witnessed the last peaceful transition of power in US history


I wonder when the 2nd Amendment is going to start looking good to liberals.

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With climate change accelerating at an exponential rate, it won’t be recognizable regardless of who wins in 2020. Southwest and CA are going to burn with temps and/or fire, Gulf states will be under water, and midwest will be an annual tundra. We’ll still have the Rockies, Pacific NW, and New England, but I doubt they will be as pleasant as they are now, either.


“Hey, don’t bring me into this. My straw is reusable.”


I wouldn’t be annoyed at all if I saw someone using one.

Because this dumbass paid for a pack of plastic straws at $1.50 a pop thinking someone would care.


In no way true. Impeachment is always on the table, once opposition leadership takes it seriously.

This is already the case, with most of Obama’s “liberal” (cough) advancements to our environmental, science, infrastructure, education, social policy, LGBT rights, healthcare, and foreign policy having been rolled back. All we can do is keep pushing back, no matter what happens.