Trump praises self for 'bringing back’ 5,000 Sprint jobs to U.S., says Softbank's Son assisted


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Oh, joy. Call Centers.

I’ve done a few years in a call center. I gave good phone. But soul crushing and mind numbing and I was at a good call center.

Perfect job though for the middle america with no other employment options.

Or private prison contracts.


Of course Trump supporters will do the opposite of the “Thanks Obama” meme and give credit to Trump for stuff he didn’t do, just like Trump does himself. “Trump saved those jobs (that he told us he saved)!”


tRump is a miracle maker, if you’re a simpleton.


Our Leader Is Great, Our Leader Is Strong, And Not Too Orange!


“I just called some people” is what characters say in Mafia movies.


How many will be laid-off after the Trump approved Softbank/Sprint/TMobile merger that they are obviously sucking up for?


And did you see his hands? No trouble there. Those are a man’s hands. The best hands.

Someone needs to create a napoleanic mob boss character based on Trump in a show, who has small hands and cuts off the hands of his enemies to make up for his supposed deficiency. “I have all the best hands…”


Leadership theater. And when the report comes out showing that his photo ops have failed to rescue the economy, he’ll just tweet that its “biased” and “pathetic” and that will be enough for his supporters.


He also told the sun to rise this morning


I love the old days — you know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? They’d be carried out on a stretcher, folks.”


Wait, Softbank has a child?


You beat me too it. I bet all of those out of work rust belt workers will enjoy their new futures as call center folks on headsets.


And what is Ivanka’s and the Japanese government’s involment in this?


This is already happening. It’s called “Inshoring”. Check out who the big employers are in places like Pocatello, ID or Mission, TX for examples of our future.


Ignorance is Strength!


Here is the problem with this mindset. It’s not a competition. Others don’t need to lose jobs for us to have jobs.


Careful friend, everyone at Boing know that economics is a zero sum game :laughing:


Unfortunately, it’s the mindset of many people, especially many who voted for Trump. It’s almost mercantile in nature and nationalist to boot.


Trump already thanked himself in a recent tweet for something he was undeservedly taking credit for, so… Yeah, “Thanks, Trump!” should absolutely be the new sarcastic response to Trump claiming credit for things that have nothing to do with him.

Thanks, Trump!

Well, since we can’t kill all those filthy ferners, the least we can do is make them unemployed!
(Trump’s whole notion of economics seems to be that it’s a zero-sum game related to rentier capitalism, because that’s the only thing he understands. This is yet another deeply scary thing about him.)