Trump renews attack on patriotic family of Muslim American war hero

white kind of Americans - FTFY!!


I have just been wondering whether Mr. Pence forgot who has actually started that war in Iraq in the first place, with falsified and “sexed up” evidence. I somehow don’t think Obama and Clinton were in power during those 8 years.

Blaming Obama for leaving a place where the GIs were not supposed to be in the first place is really something … They are really learning the Putin’s way of being creative with the facts.


Oh we didn’t start a war…we were bringing FREEDOM!!! to the Middle East!! They just happened to have the oil we wanted as well, but that’s nothing

– Most Republicans and Tea Baggers.


Right. How did our oil get under their ground in the first place? Those pesky A-rabs, so sneaky!


It’s cause they’re Mooslims!!!

have to take a break, trying to get to that level is hard on the brain cells.


Isn’t Nixon a counterexample?

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Trump defending himself is the best Hillary campaigning anyone could do.


Well yes…

Someone should have told that to “Tricky Dick” when he lost to JFK.

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The problem is that his only “defense” is a rabid counterattack. Which makes sense, because he can’t really defend himself on the merits…


Nixon is the exception that proves the rule.

I think it was more common then. Nixon was the last, but before his unsuccessful 1960 run the previous four elections had two repeat losing candidates- Adlai Stevenson lost in '52 and '56, and before him Thomas Dewey lost in '44 and '48. If we go further back, William Jennings Bryan was the Democratic candidate three times, in 1896, 1900 and 1908, and was never elected.


Got it!

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Trump’s always talking about how much he “loves” veterans, but he seems to shit all over actual veterans and their families every chance he gets. (Slamming vets “who were captured,” for example, should have been deadly for him.) It’s like he’s only in love with the Hollywood fantasy of a soldier, or, you know, is just saying he loves veterans because he has to.

Let’s face it - it would be difficult or even impossible to be more stupid than Trump. Being as stupid wouldn’t really work, either. Trump’s level of idiocy would have prevented him from national-level politics if he weren’t being propelled by his image as a successful businessman/television entertainer.

Any rational politician would have done that. Trump, being both a malignant narcissist and an idiot can’t help but attack any perceived slights in the dumbest way possible.

That’s all work for his VP, as he’s made clear. He doesn’t want to be president, he just wants to get elected. I wonder if we’ve ever had a major party candidate like him…


“With me, they’re not protected, because I’m not like other people.”
– Donald Trump, 2/19/2016, speaking at a rally about how he will “open up the libel laws” so he can sue newspapers he feels are unfair to him

“I hope they attack me, because everybody who attacks me is doomed.”
– Donald Trump, Wall Street Journal, 9/13/2015, in an interview discussing his primary rivals


Were he to become Prez. we would all be paying him for everything and what safety net we do have will be deemed needless expense and everything will be re-branded.
He has no intention of stepping away from his “interests.” He would still do his stupid show, which,despite the results in November will have very high ratings because people will tune in to see him insult public figures.


When he says that he “loves” a certain category of people what he means is that he wants them to love him.
This “love” stuff; he has absolutely no idea what that is. He thinks it means that they will let him do whatever he wants, and he knows he wants that.


“A thin Trump loss would let him pretend he only lost because the game was rigged. Then it will be 2016 forever.”

And just like that, I’m chilled to the bone.


Do you know how much of the electorate has the maturity of a tadpole and the intelligence of a lobotomized field mouse?

I’m afraid we are all about to find out.