Trump says grieving dishwasher company asked him for help — "We're not allowed to use water"

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“So in Ohio, you have a great company that came to me, the dishwasher company, one of the biggest and finest companies, but they were going out of business. They said, ‘we’re not allowed to use water.’”

Something’s off with this tale: - No big, strong men with tears in their eyes? They didn’t call him ‘Sir’?


“I would have tears in my eyes, Sir, but the EPA installed valves in my tear ducts and I’m no longer allowed to cry”.


Modern dishwashers are actually kind of amazing and I wish more people realized what they do. The water they use at the start of the cycle is all the water they use. They may sound like they’re running for an hour and making you wonder about how much water they’re using, but they just filter and reuse the water. They use way, way, way less water than washing dishes by hand in the sink. But I run into so many people who won’t use the dishwasher in their own home because they’re convinced it uses less water to wash dishes by hand. Use your dishwasher! Go nuts! They’re kind of awesome! (ok, maybe be careful with the heated dry cycle…that uses a lot of electricity)


Obligatory entirely fascinating 30 minute Technology Connections video about dishwashers coming up:


The Sir part is mentioned. That’s how you know it’s not just a lie but a tall tale made up whole cloth. Literally every single one of these is the same. You could use a MadLibs template.


Nor any dreams left to dream.


Behind all these nutty Trump stories about water (etc.) is a basic conservative gripe: “The libs won’t let us use all the resources we want, just because there’s a shortage!” That, by itself, boggles my mind. It’s related to all the efforts to come up with strategies and products that will be viable in a climate-changed world, where the right try to frame it as a conspiracy to, for example, force people to eat insects instead of beef. When the reality is that someone is looking towards a time when climate change will simply make cattle ranching impossible.


I want to believe that we can siphon voters to our side from the conservationist conservatives- those that aren’t almond family dynasties or cattle ranchers and those against drilling/mining protected lands.


Part of it is a Cold War leftover: scarcity was for Commies™.

The West™ was indoctrinated into believing everything in the Soviet Union was rationed all the time, so any restriction on use of resources was an indirect suggestion that the USA wasn’t the greatest country in the history of everything and maybe the USSR wasn’t the absolute worse place in all possible universes.

It’s now mostly culture war fuckery, as conservatives had no problem recycling iron or saving electricity if it meant making cheaper bullets to kill said Commies™ or people in other countries.


Well sure. What’s the point of being rich if the poors can just band together and make a rule saying you can’t buy up all of the resources?


That’s one of Trump’s most obvious tells. Whenever he does that “someone came to me and said” thing, you can be 100% certain it’s a lie.

I mean, he lies all the time anyways, but those stories particularly are always and invariably lies.

Also - some Coca-Cola for @evadrepus !


Donald… do you hear the dishwashers talking to you right now?


Apparently all new GreenStar appliances work on technology based on conservative tears.


You forgot


Gave up pods as soon as I watched that. I’m trying to spread the no-pod gospel, but I can’t get people to believe that something so convenient might be less effective. And don’t even get me started on rinsing dishes before putting them in. That’s been such a battle.


Meanwhile, Kellyanne Conway is still listening to her microwave,


At this point “conservationist conservative” feels like an oxymoron, given the stances of the party. There aren’t a lot left, and those that are, clearly find the racism more attractive than any conservationist tendencies they have.

Your standard Republican voter is a consumer worried that their standard of living is going to go down - but they don’t realize climate change (etc.) is the thing that’s going to do that do them, not liberals trying to arbitrarily punish them (or whatever they think is going on).

Yeah, there’s that, too. Although more generally, America is all about being bigger and having more than anyone else in the world, and every generation being “doing better” than the last. So it’s generally un-American to suggest that any of that won’t be true in the future (much less that it might be desirable), even though it’s already not true now…

Also: “How dare you increase the costs of this thing, just because there’s a shortage!”